Fantasy Westward Journey server battle champion Wuzhuangguan hardware exposure, 3000W God of War attributes shame

In the 195th Wushen Tan event that ended last week, the champion Putuo Shanfu team performed very well. In the knockout stage, the two giant teams, Zhenbaoge and Yudao, were challenged to the horse, and then they resisted the pressure in the final battle. Out of the “212” lineup, it took 45 rounds to defeat the morale Xueshan and win the championship.

In these matches, there are many wonderful moments, and among them, Putuo Mountain Wuzhuangguan is particularly outstanding among the 6 seals and 5 in the 10-16 rounds of the final. Many players have opened up their hardware strength for Wuzhuangguan after the game. discussed. After a round of inquiries, Xiaosheng also found the hardware information of this Wuzhuangguan, and then I will share it with you!


Property display

This is the boss’s additional 3000W God of War body endurance plus point panel

Has nearly 1.25W blood, 3000 defense, 1800 speed and 1900 magic defense

The resistance is full, like a steel plate placed in front of you

You can’t break through it no matter what, and then the steel plate can seal you from time to time

Opponents have a headache when they see it


Equipment display

160 Angry Drop Belt

Initial health and blood 369, defense 95, 16 forged black gems

No seal anger, it doesn’t matter

Use angry stunts, which is also the label of the king

Not only can it unlock the restraint of “insufficient anger”, but it can also limit the physical play of the opponent

160 King Kong Angry Seal Necklace

After smelting, the initial spiritual power is 259, the 16-forged relic is 355 spiritual, and the seal is 1.42%.

It’s only 8 points of spiritual power away from the non-specialized limit, and the double blue words are very compatible with the first speed.

In addition to improving the hit rate of Sun Moon Qiankun, this artifact can also release anger to teammates to release key stunts.

160 Lohan shoes

After smelting, 63 agility, 104 defense, 16 black gems

High-attribute big stunt shoes

Increases resistance and also protects Rohan

Turn the enemy’s legal output into “duds”

160 exquisite smile helmet

After smelting, initial defense 97, magic 145, 16 forging moon 289 defense

The attributes are very good, and there is still room for improvement of 1 forging moon

Laughter is the necessities of PK in Wushen altar

As a seal god, you must try your best to control the anger of the enemy

160 stagnation double armor

After smelting, the defense is 299, the body sensitivity is doubled by 67, and the forged jade stone is 16.

In order to target the legal system, a black technology emerald stone is prepared

Stalling reduces the speed of a single enemy

It is the magic weapon to compete for a speed

160 double crystal clear weapons

Initial injury 549, stamina double increase 57, 15 forging sun 669 injury

Another big stunt is placed on the weapon position

Thus forming a combination of deluxe 6 stunts

Card a crystal clear stunt from time to time on the battlefield

It’s not too cool to be able to help everyone unblock and restore blood.

Alternately equipped with a level 160 radiant man head that blocks physical damage.

There is also a Level 160 Focused Laughter Necklace, which can be used alternately according to the team’s different lineups for each game.


Spiritual display

Six Speed ​​Front Row Ornaments

11 forged star pyroxene, level 8 fast walking

Ring defense 29 bursts 1, speed a total of 34 bursts 4

Earrings are protected against 28 national standards, with a total of 37 explosions and 7

The back row of the six magic defense

11 forged star pyroxene, level 8 fast walking

The ornament speed is 29 explosions and 9 explosions, and the French defense has a total of 103 explosions and 19 explosions.

Bracelet seal 30 explosions 2, total 88 explosions 4 for legal defense

The spare spirit ornament also has a full speed double defense and one blood ornament.


pet display

Turning pages, Sumeru, contemplating and listening

A luxurious five-wheeled vehicle with almost all magic points, the same summoned beast that serves the giants

With multiple battle flutes and the output behind them, who can stand it?

10 Skills Sumeru Watching and Listening

The anti-sealing five-wheeled vehicle that is close to the full magic point, as long as it can’t be sealed, it is an endless shot!

9 Skills Sumeru Contemplation Listening

High-speed four-wheel listening, standard server 9 skills, pulling out to cheat the ruler is not bad

Page Turning God Horse, Good and Evil Boy

As a starter pet, there must be two brushes! A few evil retributions teach the opposite to be human

Page Turning God Horse, Good and Evil Boy

Another baby for people, this one has higher attack capital and more terrifying output

Page Turning God Horsepower Splitting the Barrier Boy

The attack capital and growth are full, the clear pet is very easy to use, the blood volume is very thick and can be used as the starting pet

Page Turning God Horsepower Splitting the Barrier Boy

Equivalent to the above function, the HP is a little less but the defense is higher, and the advantage of summoning beasts to fight each other is more obvious

8 skills out of the snow

Standard instant pet skills, high output and high value

10 Skills Clean Taiwan Shenma Death Method Anti-Magic Boy

Super high blood card speed pet, this speed is generally used to cooperate with the output of the team

Can use big death to break protection and can also block blood

The above is the main hardware display of the Putuo Mountain Wuzhuangguan. Do you think he can rank the No. 1 of the Wuzhuangguan in the whole server?