Fantasy Westward Journey: Self-proclaimed “level 70 first sacred wood”, 5 pieces of 8-forged 70 equipment, this player really knows how to play

Fantasy Westward Journey: Self-proclaimed “level 70 first sacred wood”, 5 pieces of 8-forged 70 equipment, this player really knows how to play

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The 69-level character Haozai has shown you too much, there are bosses with no level, there are boutique accounts with simple equipment of level 70, and some accounts with non-mainstream meridians and so on. Although their equipment is different, they all have one thing in common, that is, they are all level 69. Because this is the highest level of the elite group, once it exceeds level 69, it will enter the category of the martial arts group. Whether it is a hero club or other events, you can only participate in the level of the martial arts group. There is such a type of player who wants to mix level 69 with 3-hole equipment, but doesn’t want to spend a high price on simple level 70 equipment, so they simply upgrade to level 70 and bring level 70 equipment directly, saving the trouble of buying simple equipment. In this way, you can mix with your level 69 friends. The only thing missing is that if you want to participate in events such as hero clubs, you can only be assigned to the bravery group. And there is another place that is awkward, and it may not be easy to form a team. In this article, Hao Zai brings you a level 70 character who claims to be the first god wood forest at level 70. How does he claim to be number one? Let’s have a look!

Self-proclaimed “Level 70 No. 1 God’s Wood”, with 5 pieces of 8-forged 70-piece equipment, this player really knows how to play!

The level 70 Shenmu Lin has unmatched panel attributes, and a player who dares to stop at level 70 is indeed admirable, because he has to endure the pain of being refused to join the team unless he meets a few like-minded friends. However, his dyed Shuiyungui Jinyi should be able to help him enter the team.

Level 70 Exquisite Armor Breaking Gourd Baby with male head, hit 8 Forged Sun Stones to achieve the limit output.

Level 70 exquisite and never wear gourd treasure necklace, after smelting, the first spirit is 117, and 8 forging relics.

Level 70 exquisite gourd baby set armor, after smelting, reduce 1 min plus 21 magic, defense 147, hit 8 forged relics.

Level 70 exquisite piano-tone three-layer gourd baby set shoes, hit 8 forged black gems.

Level 70 Exquisite Angry Gourd Baby Belt Set with 8 Forged Light Stones.

Level 70 weapons, body magic double plus 31, hit 7 forged sun stones, the fly in the ointment is that there are no exquisite special effects, otherwise you will get a set of 70 exquisite equipment.

The bottom row of the ring and earrings are all double spell damage and one damage, which maximizes spell damage, and both have 6 forged star pyroxenes. The accessories and bracelets are relatively common spiritual accessories. How afraid of Fangcunshan is this?

A 6-skill surprise Xumi Abao, the suit has a high magic heart, and the extreme task Xumi. But he should not dare to bring it with him. After all, if he reaches level 80, the value of this baby will be depreciated.

Although this phoenix is ​​level 79, its attributes look like wild.

A full-strength Thunderbird at level 79 is also full of experience. Just do any quest that can gain experience, and this Thunderbird has risen to level 80. It seems that it can only be used to play PK.

Well, this level 70 Godswood has been displayed. I have to say that the boss’s idea is quite strange. Although it is only one level higher than level 69, it can be used for two more gems, and it doesn’t cost much. In the ring It is more powerful to fight against the 69-level boss. Spend small money to do big things, it’s him! What are your thoughts on this number? Welcome to leave a comment!