Fantasy Westward Journey’s new first anti-sealed piano-sound shoes? The number that has not landed in 14 years has super ancient props

Recently, a dream player wanted to relive his childhood game memories, so he logged into the trumpet 14 years ago and stumbled upon an ancient prop. What do you think it would be? Another player blew up a pair of blue lettering shoes. It seems that the martial arts altar will add another artifact. More exciting information, in today’s fantasy news!

1. The new first anti-sealing piano sound shoes?

The double blue characters of the level 160 shoes just identified by the player are piano sound and anti-blocking 1.87%, and the attributes are relatively general. First look at the special skills, which are necessary for the legal system and belong to the service level. Looking at the characteristics of the blue character, the practicability is not as good as increasing the output of the magic violence chance and magic violence damage. But looking at the anti-blocking from another perspective, it can reduce the number of times that one is blocked, and on the contrary, the chances of making shots are increased, and the output will be increased in disguised form.

Which blue letter do you think is better for the legal system?

2. There are 150 non-levels pouring out one after another

Contributing fans: soybean oil rolls

A fan sent a contribution, he saw a 150-level no-level ring, the initial injury was 501, the Chinese standard was killed, and the magic resistance was increased by 35. From the perspective of initial injury and additional attributes, this ring is suitable for the law system, and the available sects are Shenmu, Dragon Palace, Rubik’s Cube, etc., and it also conforms to the current environment of the heroes. The luxury team carries this weapon to participate in the heroes, and the record of reaching the top 16 or even more is not a dream at all!

Contributing fans: Yang Ning

Coincidentally, [Yuanju Tangcheng] fans saw another 150 gradeless weapon. This is an axe with a total initial injury of 715 and 42 bodies, 15 forged agate and 840 injuries, belonging to the X9 small artifact. With this weapon, the little tiger can fight PK and Huashan, and the heroic posture of hitting with an eagle is simply too handsome~

Which one do you think is more expensive?

3. Do you still remember this ancient prop?

A player from [Knight’s Island] logged in to an account that was 14 years ago, and the name seems to be in line with the original era! At the same time, I got 3 achievements and a small amount of experience as soon as I went online. Players are also quite touched by watching these achievement points. You must know that there was no achievement system in those days.

When the player opened the backpack, he couldn’t hold back instantly. An ancient prop “Jin Liulu” reminded him of his past. At that time, he could only encounter sea turtles, giant frogs, and sea caterpillars below level 10. This prop can Wash one of them to accompany us out of the novice village!

Fourth, the name of this stall owner is really arrogant

[Qingdao Trestle Bridge] A young man bought 2 synthetic flags with 12W fantasy coins. When he turned to use the flags, he realized that he could only fly once, and he immediately stayed in place! Shao Xia went back to the stall to find out the details, and found that the stall owner was actually a black-hearted businessman. What’s more, the stall owner’s name was “Don’t treat the blind monk as a human being”, which is really murderous!

The young hero urgently needs a way to control the black businessmen at this time, everyone, please help us quickly!

5. Players on the Leaf Pig Forum are extremely lucky! 4+6 combine to produce 10 skills

Seeing the wonderful book-making moment we reported recently, a demon refining player on the forum couldn’t sit still and said that he wanted to regain a city for the demon refining party. This time he brought the 4th skill Longyou Thunder Dragon and the 6th skill to complete the book Leilong’s refining demon, but the book padding skill is flawed, and there is an extra stealth. I have a headache.

As a result, the Thunder Dragon with 10 skills was combined, and both Longyou and Invisibility were present. Invisibility was a skill that must be dropped, and the difficulty of subsequent writing was greatly increased. A warm reminder to all of you, try not to use ghosts, negation, divine blessing, and invisibility, the “four evils” beast tactics.

Do you also have a story about chasing your dreams with demons? Comments or contributions are welcome!