Fantasy Westward Journey’s new 130 non-level stunt shoes, the “super” body worth 10W is too beautiful

In the ranks of Fantasy Westward Journey equipment, high-level non-level stunt equipment is dubbed “artifact” by players! Recently, a small partner identified a pair of 130 gradeless stunt shoes, ushering in the highlight of life! The price of Yuanshen ranges from tens to tens of thousands depending on the quality of the attributes, but have you ever seen a “super” Yuanshen worth 10W? More exciting content, just in today’s fantasy news!

new artifact

New 130 Levelless Tai Chi Dharma Protection Shoes

The new no-level stunt god outfit is this pair of 130 shoes, with a primary defense of 79 and agility of 50. It has the sky-defying double blue word Tai Chi protection + no level limit. Because of the dream blue word, the price of this pair of shoes will definitely not be low.

Taiji protector is known as “Little Arhat”, but its practicality cannot be compared with Arhat Admiralty. You’d say it’s useless, it’s still somewhat useful. You have to say it is useful, it doesn’t seem to be of much use!

anchor moment

1. Indus update 12 skill clean bench

Recently, the Yudao service team has ushered in a lot of changes. Needless to say, the waist is joining. Wutong is also vigorously updating the hardware. He started with a 12-skill full-red clean-room boy. This boy’s growth is acceptable, but the qualifications will take a few years to support. Of course, a pet that fights against the net must be equipped with special skills to be powerful, but this summoned beast is wild, and Wutong said that it will be enough to supplement it with a book of good and evil beasts in the future!

It is said that the hardware of the Yudao server team is also at the top level, but the performance of the server team in recent months has not been satisfactory, and even fell out of the top 16 in the 192 league. What is the reason?

2. Monkey King PK shows 5 bursts of laughter

(Contributor: Jiajia Hee Hee)

Howen is also known as the “Laughing Monkey” by everyone. With the signature combination of Xiaoli + Shield, it can be said that he has played the hero all over the world! Recently, a player saw the “God-level scene” of Howen PK. As a sealer, he didn’t make a single shot in 5 consecutive rounds, but 5 consecutive laughs. With such frequent laughter, the opponent should not even think about the ability to unleash such big stunts as Jing Qing and Luo Han.

I have to say that Haowen’s understanding of Xiaoli is at least enterprise-level. Next is the question and answer session. Look at the picture and guess the idiom. Have you guessed it?

Anecdote of the Three Realms

1. Have you seen the super body worth 10W?

Primordial bodies have different values ​​according to the quality of their attributes. Generally, they are only a few dozen yuan, and if they are better, they will end up in the tens of thousands. A player showed the “super” body that he transformed into. This body is a 160 women’s clothing, with double physical resistance and additional chance of special effects and special effects. Because the attributes are too perfect, the player put it on the Treasure Pavilion and asked for a price. 10W Ocean!

To be honest, from the Aurora’s personal point of view, the price is a bit too high. With these 10W dollars, you can directly buy a 160-level small super god outfit, why do you need to go to the appraisal. It can only be said that a dream seller is looking for a dream buyer!

2. The running ring party starts to crack

Recently, a Fantasy Westward Journey running ring party sent a “sad complaint”. He encountered the darkest day in history while running the ring. The first ring task required him to turn in the mutant bunny monster, and the start was split directly. . Players want to ask now, is there a more excessive requirement than this in the running ring?

3. What should I do if I encounter a friend who frequently asks for temporary F?

A little friend recently encountered a very headache. He has a friend who has no deep relationship (formed a team once), and now this friend will ask players for temporary F on time every day when he goes online, which makes his head hurt. You said it’s fine if it’s just one team. After all, giving temporary F can improve combat efficiency. Hello, everyone.

There is only one question in the player’s mind now, and that is how to reject the other party gracefully and impolitely?

Today’s news is shared here. What will you do if you meet such a friend who frequently wants temporary F? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area~