Fantasy Westward Journey Putuo Mountain suits and battles the devil with the first law weapon, the magic injury of 3111 is so terrifying

In the 195th Martial God Altar Finals, the double seconds (Lion Camel and Demon King) of the Putuo Mountain server left a deep impression on the audience, because the output of these two C-positions is extremely terrifying, especially the Demon King, who can be successful every time he makes a shot. Tons of damage! Not much nonsense, Jiguang will show you the hardware of Putuo Mountain to fight the Demon King today to see how strong he is!


Properties panel

Devil’s magic panel, 1W+ blood, 2200+ defense, 790 speed

The most terrifying thing is the spell injury, 3111 points

I don’t know if you’ve seen it before, but it’s the first time I’ve seen the aurora.


Equipment display

17 forged exquisite anger belt, after smelting 412 blood, 99 defense

For the 160-level top artifact, the delicate special effects are very practical

With one more forging gem, you can “practice” the details to the extreme

160 level 16 forging shoes, smelted agility 65, defense 95

The stunt is three layers of piano sounds, the core “killer” necessary for the legal system

Level 160 Man’s Clothes, Tempered Body Magic Double Plus 60, Defense 321

Body magic high double plus with the blue word of the chance of magic violence, this is the top match of the service law system

Level 160 necklace, 262 spirits after smelting, 5 points of spirit power away from the non-specialized limit

In addition to the first spirit explosion, this necklace also has an additional 1.08% chance of magic violence

If the characteristics of the blue character are converted into spiritual power, its first spirit can be ranked in the top of the special divine chain.

Level 160 helmet, defense 296 after smelting

As the rhythm of PK is getting faster and faster, the output martial art also begins to carry crystal clear tactics

It can save the field at a critical time and greatly increase the team’s fault tolerance.

Level 160 God’s Blessed Bow and Arrow, after smelting, 65 bonus to body magic and 602 initial damage

The double blue words against the sky, God’s blessing + chance of violent violence, the combination of gold and blue words of the legal system

Combined with body magic high double increase, explosion initial injury

If this bow and arrow wants to be the No. 1 law weapon in the whole server, it will surely do so.


Spiritual display

Front Row Spirit Ornament, Level 140 Ring and Earrings, Five Magical Injury Double Magical Violence

The ring exploded with 14 spell damage

Earrings exploded 17 points of magic damage, 1 point of magic violence

The big guy can have terrifying spell injuries, and the front row of 11 forging is indispensable

Back row spirit ornaments, level 140 accessories and bracelets, three defenses, three qi and blood

The accessories exploded by 8 points of speed, 10 points of defense, and 22 points of blood

The bracelet exploded with 2 anti-blocking points, 3 defense points, and 73 health points


baby show

12 skills all red good and evil boy

The capital attack and growth are perfect, there is high meditation, and the battery life is guaranteed

All Red 11 Skills Clean Taiwan Good and Evil

Clean platform + good and evil, this is the best configuration for serving and attacking pets

Can fight and resist, who doesn’t have a headache

All Red 12 Skills Clean Taiwan Good Demonized Boy

Different from the baby above, this one has more Gao Meditation and Gao Huigen.

What the battlefield perpetual motion machine says is it

9 skills high-speed death method anti-magic boy

Clean platform + death call + spell defense, three special skills in one

It’s not too much to describe it as excellent.

All red 14 skills

Physical endurance points, plus many auxiliary skills

Its survivability is comparable to that of “Xiaoqiang”

11 Skills Sumeru Watching and Listening

Equipped with four wheels, with the spell engine – Xumi

it’s the battlefield terminator

This is also the “first” listening of the whole server

With two eyes, are you afraid?

The above is part of the hardware display of the Putuo Mountain server. Do you think this number can be ranked in the top of the legal system in the whole server? Welcome to leave a message and share in the comment area~