Fantasy Westward Journey players too lazy to save money

As the saying goes, if you plant flowers intentionally, the flowers will not bloom, but plant willows and willows unintentionally. Yesterday, there was a lucky player because he was too lazy to save money, he liked to mention a no-level Daguang. However, the most important content was the two beauties who appeared in Brother Gou’s live broadcast room, and they staged a “war of words” around whether to wear black silk or not. Below, let’s take a look at it together!

1. Because I am too lazy to save money, I can easily identify and mention that there is no level!

Yesterday, a lucky player went to the booth and bought two 120-level weapons for appraisal because he had too much money and was too lazy to save specials. What he never expected was that this wave of appraisal actually produced a level-free big light claws with an initial injury of 400 and Li Min double plus 33 points, and properly became the emperor of Europe. Just for this luck, Captain Pig thinks that you are the winner of Versailles in October!

2. It’s finally New Year’s Eve!

In the early morning of yesterday, a Fangcunshan player fell asleep while escorting darts. This accident also made him successfully taught by the “dart robber”. As we all know, the dart robber is an emotionless output machine. Under its ruthless GANK, the player not only died and lost his darts, but also lost his first-level skills. He can be called the worst fantasy westward journey player in October 2022. It seems that this player will definitely have a hard time with the darts mission in the future!

3. 875 body resistance double plus 66 small artifact has been sold

Some time ago, a Tang official player from Nanyang Mansion identified a small helper artifact with a total injury of 875.6 points and a double physical resistance of 66 points, which attracted a lot of players’ attention. A few days ago, this weapon was successfully sold at a price of 3.6W. It seems that the PK of Tianyuan Group has become more and more “artifact”. So, everyone thinks, can the added value of this character’s weapons be qualitatively improved after the finished product?

4. There are only zero and 10,000 times for women’s clothing, and Brother Gou was warned in the live broadcast room

Leaf pig fantasy westward journey



Yesterday, two “beautiful fans” came to Brother Gou’s live broadcast room. They not only cooked for Brother Gou, but also came to watch Brother Gou live together. During the live broadcast, Brother Gou was also picked up by fans to reveal the black history of “women’s clothing”! Since then, the chat content in the live broadcast room is no longer the car to the kindergarten. Not only was the whole process high-energy, but he was also “warned” twice by the housing management. During the period, Brother Gou also said that the bottom line for Heisi is to put on the head, but I don’t know if there are any “dog fans” who want to see this wave of operations?

Well, today’s news is here. If you meet any interesting things inside or outside the game, you can contribute to us!