Fantasy Westward Journey players spend 30,000 to buy an account, open 19 warehouses, and people are stupid, and they earn 30,000 for nothing

I believe that more than 90% of MMORPG enthusiasts did not expect that “Fantasy Westward Journey”, which has been in operation for 17 years, can become an active player in one fell swoop when traditional MMORPG client games are declining and various e-sports games are extremely popular. The largest number of phenomenal online games.

In the current “Fantasy Westward Journey”, not only are there many hardcore players who have only played this game since 2005, making money through “Fantasy Westward Journey”, but there are also many old players who want to get back their youthful memories. Restarting the account from scratch, or directly purchasing the finished account, returned to the big family of “Fantasy Westward Journey”.

After many players bought accounts, they like to ask prices everywhere, wanting everyone to see whether they are losing or making a profit. During the 11th long holiday, a very lucky player returned to the player and spent 30,000 yuan to buy it. After getting a seemingly unremarkable full-level number, when I was sorting out the warehouse, I was dumbfounded by the 19 warehouses full of small top-quality equipment and big five treasures.

In the warehouse of this account, there are not only a large number of small best-quality animal suits with gems and holes, but also double defense, double magic explosion, double solid injury spirit ornaments, hole opening equipment suitable for all levels of Wukai party, anger Belt, crystal clear hat, a complete set of centering, transformation, and star breaker, and there is also a level 140 level 10 gem five-hole fan that never wears out, 160 level 10 gem five-hole necklace, and a lot of them have been opened. Hole, the 100-140 equipment of gems has been played.

A large number of netizens who were still laughing at him and who spent at least 30,000 to buy an account and lost at least 10,000, were all dumbfounded after reading the things in these dozen warehouses! After some rough calculations, everyone found that the equipment he carried in this account could at least be matched with two very efficient five-pack combinations. If he sold all the items, not only would he get all the money for the account back. And after earning at least 30,000 yuan, all of them are envious.

Under the circumstance that all the props in “Fantasy Westward Journey” have been given corresponding value by the Treasure Pavilion, many people will be happy if they find that the dungeon points, genre contribution, artifact points, and Baixiao points have not been exchanged after buying the account. I can’t keep my mouth shut, let alone a number like this with 19 cars and equipment. For the players of “Fantasy Westward Journey”, the former number owner is simply a “big philanthropist”!

The main reason for this is that when players put the characters they want to sell in the Treasure Pavilion for consignment, the items in the warehouse, dungeon points, and artifact points are not obvious! Even the improved Treasure Pavilion of “Reverse Water Cold” can only see the contents of one warehouse. There are many online game wealth management parties that analyze the items carried in the warehouse based on other information. Picking up leaks in the Treasure Pavilion of “Falling Water and Cold”.

Among the most interesting cases, except that people often hide their equipment in other warehouses and try to smuggle it in order to save the handling fee, but they are repeatedly intercepted by the wealth management party! For example, once you find an account in the Treasure Pavilion of “Reverse Water Cold” that costs more than 5,000 yuan and has a combat power of only more than 300,000, but has an account of a level 14 manor and a metaverse community, it must be a smuggling account.

There are still many account owners. When they were selling their accounts, they were in a hurry. They forgot the three monetizable props, namely the organ, jade pendant and Lingwu, and provided the wealth management party to buy the account and replace the organ, Lingwu and jade pendant. , the opportunity to profit from it! This kind of thing happens almost every day in “Against the Cold”.

So what do you think of this kind of player behavior that specializes in taking advantage of other people’s mistakes and making profits in the game? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss, thank you!