Fantasy Westward Journey players signed in to give blessings to Xi Ti 150 without grinding women’s clothes, and Haowen suffered a “six kills” in a single round

I don’t know if you guys have paid attention to the “Fortune Today” on the sign-in page of Fantasy Westward Journey. Whether you believe it or not, this slightly metaphysical setting, but a little friend did rely on it to come back with a wave of counterattacks. Below, let’s take a look at it together.

1. Look at the system prompt to identify the 150-level no-level non-grinding women’s clothing

Recently, a player saw that the system had drawn out a fortune sign for him that was “rich and powerful”, so he decided to go for an appraisal. What he never expected was that among the 5 pieces of 150-level women’s clothes that were appraised, there was actually a piece of “no grade, no grinding” equipment. The results of this wave of appraisal really made him happy. Although the current non-level women’s clothing market is relatively small, this kind of non-grinding and non-level can be used in various tasks and PK. As long as the smelting is completed, it can be sold for a very beautiful price, which is really enviable.

2. The Forbidden City New Datang will be on the server in November

In recent months, the Forbidden City has always been in a state of steady improvement in terms of update efforts and PK results. At present, the “first sword” bought by Feng Shao has come to the Forbidden City, preparing for the sprint in November.

In addition to the weapons, Feng Shao also updated a piece of initial damage of 39 points, and attached 3 high-damage “four damage” spiritual ornaments. This equipment should be used before the Diaoyu Islands.

As the so-called good horse with a good saddle, with new equipment, of course, a wave of babies must be updated. Under the vigorous update of Feng Shao, the Forbidden City not only has a “four special” horse, legal defense, clean platform, dead blood pet, but also a 12-skill clean platform good and evil summoned beast. Just because of this update, Captain Pig feels that there will be a crown in the Forbidden City in 2022!

3. Brave monkeys were brutally killed in a single round of “six kills” in the Forbidden City

In the competition between the heroes, the laughing monkey team led by Haowen met the “drinking team” where the boss of Zhao Shanhe belonged. Although Brother Monkey won the Array in this game, he still struggled very hard. After the game was about to end, Brother Monkey did not choose to throw the “ruler” after seeing his opponent pull out two listening devices, but tried to use the Pansi Illusion Technique and Arhat Admiralty to resist. As for the result, the drinking team hid one of the two, and cooperated with the Tang government to fight a wave of six kills, and directly took Brother Monkey away.

4. It is said that if you do not log off on Tuesday morning, you will be “sanctioned”

Fantasy old players know that every Tuesday is the day for routine maintenance of Fantasy Westward Journey. However, this Tuesday’s maintenance was a little sad for the fast-scene player. This player not only met Hiromi Komori at 8:01, but also received a system announcement “The server is about to restart, please exit the game as soon as possible”. This wave of reminders made the players panic, and I just hope that this wave of shots can bring back Guangmu and subsidize the family. However, he was forced to go offline before waiting for the result. I don’t know what you guys would do when this happens.

Well, today’s news is here. If you meet any interesting things inside or outside the game, you can contribute to us!