Fantasy Westward Journey players earn more than 100 million yuan by winning and chasing blood? Feel free to mention the levelless anger belt!

There are many ways to play in Fantasy Westward Journey. Some players are devoted to creating equipment, some players like to refine monsters with gold, and some players yearn for a little bit of luck. Today, many European emperors shared their counterattack moments. Now, let’s take a look at what’s new today!

1. The Beast God blesses with blue characters, this wave of counterattack is a bit sad

Today, a lucky player made a beast with 558 initial damage and 775 total initial damage, a whip with 4.7% additional physical crit damage.

While this weapon looks good, its blue lettering is rather awkward. If it is a beast with a double plus body sensitivity and resistance, it can be used for the seal system. If it is a high-damage weapon, there is also a certain room for appreciation. However, this kind of whiteboard with low damage is of little practical value. So this wave of counterattacks is about equal to no counterattacks.

2. A little bit of joy and no-level anger belt

Yesterday, a lucky player found out that there were two more rings on his body, and he quickly identified a wave. What he never expected was that this wave actually liked to mention the “no-level anger” belt.

It’s just that this ring is only level 60, so it’s a little embarrassing. If this is replaced with equipment of around level 80, 100 or 130, it will be the pinnacle of life. However, this wave of appraisal can be considered a successful shipment, and selling food for half a month is not a big problem.

3. The 13-skilled demon-refining master

Today, a dream chaser from the Qiantangjiang server liked to mention a 13-skill Jingtai demonized boy in a wave of demon refining.

Although this boy’s qualifications and growth are relatively average, compared with other embryos, the development cycle is relatively short, and it will be able to take off when the Lantern Festival is completed next year. Moreover, because of its many skill grids, it has the potential to become a perfect skill, coupled with the current situation of the Martial God altar, it is not a problem to sell it for a hundred thousand.

Fourth, take advantage of the victory to pursue the blood and earn over 100 million?

Today, a fan shared his pocket version of the highlight moment for us in the group. Captain Pig took a closer look, this fan is really lucky, he can use pocket fragments to open a high-level kill, a proper possession of the European emperor.

However, what Captain Pig didn’t expect was that the player actually pursued his victory and launched the “Three Beast Tactics”. He successfully liked the advanced sneak attack, the high-level spell fluctuation and the high-level legacy. Yes, worth over a billion.

At this time, Captain Pig can only suggest that all the friends play more with the players of the European Emperor. Maybe one day they will successfully counterattack?

Well, today’s news is here. If you meet any interesting things inside or outside the game, you can contribute to us!