Fantasy Westward Journey Ouhuang has produced four unranked old king’s personal test items in a row, lucky players have 10 skills Xiaoye

After an Ouhuang made three unranked pieces in 2 days, he blew up the fourth one yesterday. This heaven-defying luck not only stunned the little friends, but also made the anchor Lao Wang unable to sit still. The first pro-test product!

1. The legendary European Emperor blasted out the fourth piece of no level, and the old king was the first to test the number.

Pharaoh first reviewed the brilliant achievements of the European Emperor. The 140 helmets have been loaned out, and the necklaces have been put on the Treasure Pavilion. At present, there are still this men’s clothing and the fourth new weapon of no grade.

This non-level is a national standard knife with 140 level plus and minus strength, good guy! Ou Huang has gathered 4 parts at once, and he can become a 69 boss! Old Wang asked Ou Huang about the original intention of the appraisal, and Ou Huang responded that he was returning because of the high price.

After listening to Ou Huang’s self-report, Lao Wang turned on the appraisal mode. After a wave of equipment, a 150-level gun with full initial damage and 3 pairs of non-abrasive shoes were produced. In addition, a lot of blue character special effects appeared!

After reading it, do you believe that there is a number of products?

2. Fish total update three speed ring

Not long ago, Treasure Pavilion Fish Total invested a lot of money to update a 140-level three-speed ring. It is reported that this update of Mr. Yu is to pave the way for turning into a daughter village. It can be seen that Mr. Yu is likely to become the main seal of the team in the future.

This also reflects Jumbo Court’s desire for champions from the side. Let us look forward to their performance next month.

3. Lucky players combine 10 skill nights

Recently, a player showed Xiaoye with 10 skills in the Pharaoh’s live broadcast room. This is only synthesized with a set of 5+9 embryos. You must know that Xiaoye does not have to bring skills, and its synthesis difficulty can be called hell.

Lao Wang began to recall his 10-skill Night Rakshasa, which was synthesized with the page-turning vampire and 7-skill Xiaoye! Exclaimed that if the horn owner increased the cost of the embryo, it might explode the first night of Rakshasa.

4. Players can’t make furniture once they are full of energy

A player confided his unfortunate experience to everyone. He made secondary furniture in a state of full energy, but he never succeeded. The vitality required to make furniture each time is 63 points, which means that the player’s production will fail 24 times in a row.

The player’s experience is really unfortunate, why don’t we wash our faces before making furniture next time to change the fortune?

5. Players change the book cat spirit to hit the target with high power and precision

Contributing fans: eggplant

A player sent a contribution, he wanted to create a humanoid cat spirit with 6 skills. But the small kill is a bit annoying, and I want to destroy it, so that the skills will be more perfect.

So the player raised his hand and slapped the high power. As a result, luck was too strong, and the high strength and precision covered the small kill. At this time, the cat spirit only needs to bring a high set to be perfect.

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