Fantasy Westward Journey October Demon Clan Big Change: Lion Tuoling plane is stronger, bottomless pit and daughter village fight for one speed?

In the content of the October 2022 martial arts major reform released by the Fantasy Westward Journey test server, the adjustment of the six martial arts of the Mozu can be described as “each with its own merits”. The ability of the daughter village to compete for “one speed”. Of course, Pansidong is still as “silent and tearful” as always. Below, let’s take a look at it together!

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1. The eagle strike ability of Shituoling has been improved

The three genres of Shi Tuoling have been significantly enhanced in this major reform. Although the transformation rounds of “Bloodthirsty Demon” and “King of Beasts” have been shortened, they have a brand new BUFF. As long as you “knock down the target”, there is a “15% chance” to extend the transformation for one round, which is very powerful. In addition, “Bloodthirsty Maniac” has also strengthened the eagle strike ability, changing the previously provided “200 points of damage” into “10% increase in eagle strike damage”, which means that the higher the damage of Shihuoling, click on this meridian. The added bonus will be more comfortable.

The “Furious Beasts” genre has also been strengthened to a certain extent. In short, this genre currently prefers “single-point” capabilities. If you can hit consecutive point kills, you will get a lasting “Furious” BUFF, which can complement its battlefield power.

2. The chance of hitting the underworld soul spell has been increased

In this major reform, the Underworld has obtained a BUFF that increases the hit rate of “Soul Soul”. The “Soul Soul” style has a 10% hit rate bonus for units in abnormal conditions. The “Six Paths” style can pass The way to knock down the player applies the “Soul Confinement” that lasts for two rounds.

The “Poison Punisher” genre has slightly improved its damage ability, but due to its lack of high burst and facial injury capabilities, it will take a while to rise if it wants to rise.

3. The ability to clear pets in Demon King Village has been strengthened

The improvement of Demon King Village this time is mainly in “damage”. “Pingtian Dasheng” has a smoother “cleaning ability” while strengthening the output ability of facial injuries; The output ability has been improved; the “Feng Huo Yao Wang” genre has optimized its “special skills”, making its trigger chance and cooldown slightly shorter than before.

Fourth, the tomb of the female scorpion Xi mentions facial injury enhancement

This time, the changes to the three genres of the tomb of the maiden are mainly focused on the “genre features”. “Shadowless Ghost” increases the meridian that summons Wraiths to stack damage, “Soul Summoning Mountain Ghost” strengthens the ability of phantoms to attack cursed units, and “Shadow Wraith” strengthens the endurance of “Fallen Spirits”.

5. Can the bottomless pit compete with the daughter village in the snowy days?

This time, the changes to the bottomless pit mainly focus on the genre of “Destroyer of Souls”. This genre can use “Treasure Candles” to increase the speed in snowy days, by 1% for one layer and 12% for full layers. It can increase the speed by 22%, which is 2% more than the Gaomin card, enough to compete with the daughter village.

The other two genres have strengthened the characteristics of the genre, “Miaodi Golden Lotus” has strengthened the healing ability, and “Netherworld Wusha” has improved the ability to solidify injuries when fighting with players.

6. Pansidong is speechless and tears are thousands of lines

Although there are few changes to Pansi this time, the genre of “Fenghua Dance Saint” has been slightly strengthened. This enhancement is mainly in the “point-to-kill” ability. In addition, the damage ability of “Bai Mei Mo Shu” has been slightly improved. In short, it has been changed, but not much has been changed. If “Lipansi” wants to rise, it can only wait for the day when the flowers bloom.


In general, the changes to the six sects of Mozu mainly focus on the “genre characteristics”. For example, Demon King Village and Lion Camel Mountain, which are responsible for facial injuries, have more or less increased their output capabilities. For example, the functionality of bottomless caves, pansi caves, and underworld underworld has been strengthened to a certain extent. However, the “pansi second three” that everyone is most concerned about has not been changed. Therefore, Pan Sidong can only continue to “speechless and tearful thousand lines”.