Fantasy Westward Journey, October 22, Xianzu’s sect changed: Lingbo opened a hundred storms? Dragon Palace 100% in seconds!

Fantasy Westward Journey October 2022 The major reform content of the martial arts will be launched in the test server today. The adjustment of the six martial arts of Xianzu is also very interesting. The Dragon Palace can last for ten seconds in rainy days, and the “crit” probability of Liwu Village will gradually increase with time. Improve, Putuo Mountain also obtained stronger auxiliary ability. Below, let’s take a look at it together!

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1. The output power of the Magic Temple has been improved

The changes to the Tiangong this time mainly focus on the two genres of “Treading Thunder Tianzun” and “Thunderbolt Zhenjun”. The genre of “Treading Thunder Tianzun” has improved the output effect under different conditions, and it is expected to appear in X9-level competitions. “Thunderbolt Zhenjun” has improved the damage ability, and “Suppressing Demon” has lowered the stunt “King Kong Raging Eyes”. consumption, which is a functional change that favors PK.

2. Liwuzhuang will become the “Summoned Beast Killer”

The three schools of Wuzhuangguan have been enhanced in this change. The “Qingxin Yuke” school has enhanced the sealing ability and opening resistance. The crit chance is also higher, and the “Longevity True Immortal” genre has increased the damage by 1%. This change is better than nothing!

3. Mount Putuo will impact the auxiliary position of Huasheng Temple

The strengthening of Putuo Mountain this time is very obvious. It not only improves the recovery ability, but also gives a stronger “light knot” effect in “rainy days”, and the flexible nine days of Putuo Mountain also changed “100 points of magic damage” to “6%” “Spell damage”, for the law system, the improvement is huge, and it is expected to impact the current auxiliary status of Huasheng Temple. In addition, the spell masters Putuo and Liputuo have also improved to a certain extent. Although the magnitude is not large, they can be used to develop new tactics!

4. The Dragon Palace incarnates the “True Dragon King” on a rainy day

The changes to the Dragon Palace this time are mainly in the “weather ability”. The “Jiaoqiu in the Sea” genre will evolve into a Dragon Palace with 100% seconds ten in “rainy days”. Output power, the “Dragon in the Sea” genre has greatly increased the trigger probability of the special “BUFF”.

5. When Lingbo City drops damage, it will only give crit?

The changes to Lingbo City this time are mainly focused on the “Baleful Qi” meridians. At present, the three schools’ evil spirits meridians have changed from the previous “300 damage” to “150 damage and 150 crit rating”. In other words, the damage is less than before, but the crit chance has increased, but I don’t know if the friends in Lingbo City are willing. In addition, a new means of increasing “War Intent” has been given. When the War Intent is “0”, there will be a chance to obtain a higher War Intent point.

6. Huaguoshan has become the “King of Criticism”?

Although the output power of “Physical Flow” Huaguoshan has been enhanced in this change, the genre of “Tongtian Dharma King” is obviously more fragrant. As far as the current changes are concerned, the ability to raise the flag of the “Tongtian Dharma King” genre has been enhanced. Under the stacking of various buffs, it is expected to become the “Dharma King” with the highest “crit chance”. We can look forward to the follow-up performance of this martial art!

7. Changes in Donghaiyuan of Adventure Sect

The adjustment of the sect of adventure is mainly to link skills, and the meridians in the second row of Donghaiyuan are all shifted. However, the direction of this change is mainly focused on the PK ability, which may be conveying the information that “X9 games use Donghaiyuan more, it is very powerful”!


In general, the changes to the six sects of Xianzu are also in the “genre characteristics”. Not only did Motiangong and Litiangong gain damage enhancement in this reform, but Ryugu also successfully completed the “rainy day evolution”. Judging from the current information, this change is a relatively large enhancement to Putuo Mountain and Huaguo Mountain, which is likely to improve the “law system status”. I don’t know what do you guys think about this?