Fantasy Westward Journey: Metaphysics players receive hundreds of billions of rewards on the side of the road, and the price of the 99.9 billion experience number is greatly reduced!

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Wutong identified Shuiqing anti-sealed shoes!

During the live broadcast, Wutong helped a boss identify a lot of 160 equipment at one time, and the result was 160 water clear anti-sealing shoes, 160 anger belt, 160 magic men’s clothes and other top-quality equipment. This dreamy New Year gift from the boss is very rich.

100 Arhats God Bless Shuanghuan 32 transactions

As we all know, in the PK of the 109 Shenwei group, the Tiangong sect is very popular. Recently, a 100-level god-blessed arhat ring in Laoshan, East China Sea was sold, and the transaction price reached an astonishing 32. It can only be said that the purchasing power of the boss of Shenwei is really strong.

99.9 billion experience number big price cut

In November 2022, the rewards for the fantasy 100 billion experience were adjusted, and 4 high-level beast skills were added, which greatly reduced the probability of obtaining valuable special beast skills for the 100 billion experience reward. Since then, the price of the 99.9 billion experience number has been falling, and now the lowest price has reached 31,000 yuan.

Metaphysics players get hundreds of billions by the side of the road?

A boss who believed in the “metaphysics” of dreams came to the familiar side of the road again, turned on his laptop, and received rewards for his 100 billion account. Unfortunately, this time he was unlucky and received a book of advanced methods. According to the information he disclosed, last time he was at the same place, he received a copy of the Birds and Beasts in the Forest.