Fantasy Westward Journey Lun’s “Gentle Whip” is online, what is the new routine of turning 30 times on the 109th?

This year’s October big change has been developed and tested on the test server, and Datang has ushered in a wave of small enhancements! There are already server teams that have begun to deal with the arrival of the new version. For example, Lun Zonghuaguoshan’s “gentle stick” has officially transferred to Datang! There is a Shenwei player showing his revolving door record. In 11 years, he has revolved a total of 30 times. Can anyone surpass this? More exciting content, just in today’s fantasy news!


Mr. Lun’s “Gentle Whip” was officially launched

The October big change is still being tested in the development test server. As far as the current changes are concerned, Datang has strengthened a little (PK) as a dream son. Feng Lang, the commander of Xizha Old Street, also catered to the change in the version at the first time, and transferred Mr. Lun’s Huaguo Mountain to Datang, from “gentle stick” to “gentle whip”!

Mr. Lun had previously identified a special whip with a total initial injury of 889. This whip can hit 16 forged gems with a total injury of 1044. It belongs to the ranks of thousands of injury artifacts. It can be used temporarily until the female Tang Dynasty has no better weapons. .

After Mr. Lun’s Huaguoshan was transferred to Datang, the physics department of Xizha became Datang and Shituoling. With the help of the legal system Shenmu Lin, Fenglang had more choices in the lineup, whether it was the national standard of the underworld. Or “212” can be done, let us look forward to the performance of the 196th Wushentan Xizha clothing team!

Anecdote of the Three Realms

Today, Aurora is showing you 4 “perseverance” masters, who are insurmountable in their respective fields!

1. Shenwei players have changed sects 30 times in 11 years

First invite the No. 1 “Perseverance” expert to appear. This player seems to like the Zhuangmen faction. Since the establishment of the account, he has changed the martial art 30 times. The expenses of the Zhuangmen faction can buy a full 109! To be honest, with such a high frequency of revolving doors, Aurora has also been seen on the big boss in the war, and X9 is the first time I have seen it!

Many people have asked, which martial art experience is the best in 109? For this question, the player above gave the answer with “30” actions!

2. The running ring boss showed his 19W training experience

The second perseverance player is a running ring enthusiast. He showed his “record” in the running ring, and his practice experience of up to 19W showed the sky! 19.5W of cultivation experience can be exchanged for 1147 cultivation fruits. If calculated according to the 80W game currency of one cultivation fruit, all the cultivation fruits can be exchanged for 900 million fantasy coins, which is equivalent to more than 8,000 yuan.

According to the player’s own meaning, he is currently sprinting towards the goal of “30”! For the player’s pursuit, Jiguang can only shout “666” while supporting Qiang!

3. Level 10 trumpet actually saved 200 million experience

The record of the third perseverance expert is a bit incredible. Only at level 10, he has saved more than 200 million experience. Is this the rhythm of God? It can be noticed that the player’s account creation time was in March last year, which means that he spent more than a year to generate 200 million experience. How to do this?

4. How much money can the 1.4 billion reserve fund add to the number?

The last person with perseverance was invited to play, and his record was also good. The reserve fund of up to 1.4 billion challenged everything and refused to accept it! The player said that it took him two years to open a division store to save so much reserves. This perseverance is really admirable. Jiguang has also opened a division store before, because he couldn’t bear to go online every day to catch summoned beasts, he only insisted on it for four months before giving up!

For the dreamy perseverance party, it is really a mountain higher than a mountain~

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