Fantasy Westward Journey Lun has won 15 skills, the speed of light, and the player counterattacks 150 levelless armor

Recently, a number of top-quality equipment have been born in Fantasy Westward Journey, among which there are 150-level non-level men’s clothing with outstanding attributes and double plus; Mr. Lun won the 15-skill clean-room demonized boy embryo at a high price and wrote a book for it on the spot. . More exciting information, just in today’s dream news.

1. Mr. Lun purchased 15-skilled clean table embryos and typed books on the spot

Mr. Lun’s newly purchased Jingtai Demonized Boy Embryo has good capital and growth. The specific 15 skills are shown in the figure below.

The current red book has Gao Huigen, and the blue books that can play a role in PK include agility, defense, blood-sucking, and perception, so this baby does not need to chase all the red books, just leave 3 useful blue books, and the difficulty of playing books is reduced a lot. . Mr. Lun decided to hand over the task of writing this time to the lucky Wutong.

After a series of meticulous book-writing operations by Wutong, this Jingtai demonized boy still has three blue books left: Demon Heart, Defense, and Fabo. Now is the best time to shoot the art of good and evil beasts. If the blue book is knocked out, then go on the horse.

As a result, good and evil cover high miracles, and there is only a one-fifth probability of success in playing the magic horse and beast trick. President Lun decided to stop there and use this baby as a 12-skill full red.

Wutong’s steady writing skills are convincing, and his subsequent appraisal of spiritual ornaments is also full of surprises.

2. Wutong identified 140 same bonus rings

The picture above is the 140-level spiritual ornament of the Wutong appraisal. The three-law violence ring with an attribute burst of 9 points. The main attribute is defense. This wave of appraisal is a big counterattack! With the strengthening of Shenmu Lin and Demon King Village, more and more players joined the traditional method team, and the value of this ring has also risen.

3. The new violent 150 gradeless armor

In addition, a player has built and identified 150-level unlevel armor. Although it is currently 273 defensive power magic double plus 44, there is still a lot of room for smelting, and it can reach the first-line level after all are in place. And its double plus is very flexible, it can be used for X9 legal system and physics system.

Now, which gem to use for this equipment has become the biggest problem. How would you choose it instead?

4. Players like to mention the small artifact of apocalypse flowers and fruits

Finally, there is a top-quality equipment, which is a magic wand with a total damage of 899 at the beginning of level 150 and a double increase of 62 in body and magic. The damage of full forged agate is as high as 1024. Its double-plus attribute is not the mainstream force sensitivity, so it cannot be completely converted into damage, but can only increase a certain resistance.

If the three-attack lineup is equipped with this weapon, it is enough to dominate the Hero Conference or the Sword Club, and it is a good little artifact with thousands of injuries.

5. Fans make a lot of noise to harvest “double yolk eggs”

Contributing fans: don’t you know

A Wukai player sent a contribution. He sneaked into a dungeon and started a dungeon. After clearing the BOSS, he saw the long-lost enchanted orb, and it was still a “double yolk egg”! This wave will earn at least 20 million fantasy coins, which is equivalent to selling BOSS for 20 weeks. It seems that it’s pretty good to collect bosses occasionally, what do you think?

6. Fans plant saplings and get “blessings” from old flower farmers

Contributing fans: Mu Ke

Another fan also sent good news. When he planted saplings, he encountered three special events, which increased the number of ingot shaking.

In the end, fans picked up ingots and got 2 C66, 2 big five treasures and 2 tokens, these items are worth more than ten million fantasy coins. Fans quickly thanked the old flower farmer for the “Ou Huang” BUFF!

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