Fantasy Westward Journey: Level 109 Rare Donghaiyuan, with 9 Forging Spirit Ornament Brush quests, this game is really exquisite

Fantasy Westward Journey: Level 109 Rare Donghaiyuan, with 9 Forging Spirit Ornament Brush quests, this game is really exquisite

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To say which sect in Fantasy Westward Journey is the most special, it must be Donghaiyuan. He went beyond the traditional 18 sects and belonged to a sect of adventure, with a maximum level limit of 109 and special skills, resulting in fewer players playing this sect. Looking at all the characters that Hao Tsai has shown, there should be only two Dong Haiyuan shown so far, which can really be said to be very few. In fact, if you often watch level 109 PK, it is still easy to see Donghaiyuan playing, and the output is relatively good. What Hao Zai wants to show you in this article is the role of Dong Hai Yuan. Such a rare role display, please sit tight and enjoy it slowly!

Level 109 is a rare Donghaiyuan, with 9 forging spirit brush tasks without wearing the whole body, this number is exquisitely played!

Level 109 Donghaiyuan hit some temporary talisman panel attributes, the weapon did not use temporary talisman, and other parts were hit with magic damage and magic talisman, the magic damage reached 1761, which is still very good.

Level 100 exquisite and never wears out the male head of the Balrog God, and 11 forged sun stones are used, which are purely for the purpose of brushing tasks, so the helmet uses sun stones.

110 level simple flame demon set necklace, first spirit 183, hit 11 forged relics, the necklace will never wear out for the sake of high spirits.

Level 100 exquisite and never wears the flame demon armor, double plus 43 for body demon, 208 defense after smelting, and 11 forged relics.

Level 100 never wears out the violin sound and three stacks of Flame Demon God shoes, with 10 forged black gems.

Level 100 Anger never wears out the Balrog’s belt, hits 10 Forged Light Stones.

Level 130 has no level and never wears out the weapon. After smelting, the body sensitivity is doubled by 51, and the sun stone is 14 forged.

The bottom row of the ring and earrings are both wounded and violent, the bottom row of accessories has three defenses, and the bottom row of the bracelet has two defenses and one blood. All of them have been hit with 9 forging star pyroxenite, the special effect is level 7 blood and strength, and 9 forging spirit Decorating the brush task, it must feel very cool!

The 12 skills are resistant to attacking barriers and drawing souls. The skills are good, but the qualifications are very touching!

10 Skills Will Enter Violent Xumi Tu Shantong, is this prepared for PK? You can advance to 110!

The 10-skill high-level blood attack rhino general, a more individual summoned beast, and the key growth qualification is very good.

9 skills to cruise the gods with all their strength, a very classic summoned beast, also a bit lacking in aptitude, and needs to be raised for two years.

Well, this 109-level Donghaiyuan has been displayed. As the only adventure sect, Haozi showed it to everyone when he first went online, and the playability is still very high. In this sect adjustment, a new sect magic weapon was specially launched for Donghaiyuan. I believe that more and more players will come to play Donghaiyuan. What do you think?