Fantasy Westward Journey in October, the human race will be changed: Tianji City will fly! Can Datang’s murderous aura add BUFF?

The relevant content of Fantasy Westward Journey in October 2022 has been released in the test server. The adjustment of the six sects of the human race is very interesting. The Tang government has obtained the “Murderous Art” BUFF, and Tianji City has obtained the ability to open “aircraft”. Godswood can also “Falunate” three times in one turn. Below, let’s take a look at it together!

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1. The Tang government likes to mention the “Murderous Art” BUFF

The adjustment of the Tang government is relatively simple. After the “Blood Heroes” genre has clicked on the [Awesome] meridian, as long as you kill the opponent’s character unit, you can attack the summoned beast of the downed character once, and the ability to clear pets is extremely strong! The other two genres mainly improve the effect of the genre when actively using the “Murderous Art” and “Murderous Art”. The “Unparalleled God of War” genre can increase the chance of breaking even, and the “General Tiger Ben” genre can increase the damage of the suit.

2. Fangcun Mountain can finally “go down”?

Unsurprisingly, Fangcunshan’s “Restricting Spiritual Cultivation” really enhanced the sealing ability. As long as the sealing is completed, the “Concentration Technique” BUFF can be easily improved, and it also has a damage reduction effect in the case of multiple BUFF blessings. In addition to the adjustment to the Feng Cun faction, Fang Cun Mountain’s two “law schools” have also received a certain degree of output enhancement, which is quite friendly to high-level Rubik’s Cube players.

3. The blood recovery ability of Huasheng Temple has been improved

This time, the adjustment of the “Xinglin Miaoshou” school of Huasheng Temple mainly focuses on pushing qi through the palace and restoring blood to one’s own blood. The “Dharma Protector King Kong” school has slightly lowered the auxiliary ability, and the adjustment of the “Boundless Venerable” school is to increase the damage, which has no effect. big.

4. Dafa Dafa of “Shielding” is about to be staged in Daughters Village

This time, the changes to the three schools of Daughters Village are very interesting. The “Peerless Enchanting” school not only slightly improves the sealing ability, but also adds a “shield buff”, which will be a great enhancement for Brother Monkey. The “Hua Yu Yiren” genre has lowered the ability to seal the mission of Daughter Village, but has added a BUFF that does not consume blue when flying flowers and picking leaves. It will be very happy to hold the country and brush the scene. As for the “Beauty in the Flowers” genre, it just adds a dispel BUFF, which is a painless enhancement.

5. Will Shenmu Lin stage three “Falun” in one round?

The adjustment to Shenmu Lin this time is a minor enhancement. The “Tongtian Dharma King” genre not only enhances the effect of the dust blade, but also gives it the ability to obtain the wind spirit in each round of “Fengtian”, making it capable of stronger pressure. The “Shadow Shadow Priest” genre has slightly improved the genre characteristics and has little impact. The changes in the genre of “Spiritual Wood God Attendant” are very interesting. The revised “Guteng Mystery” can play “three spells” in a single round. Needless to say, the ability to kill!

6. Tianji City is finally able to fly an “airplane”!

The “Thousand Machine Shura” genre in Tianji City has been greatly enhanced in this change. Although this enhancement has reduced the additional damage of the armor, its weakness ability has been significantly improved. Moreover, the current Tianji City can not only choose the ultimate move, but also use the newly added “Invincible Flying” to achieve “Second 6”, and finally the long-awaited plane is launched!


In general, the changes to the six sects of the human race are mainly focused on “genre characteristics” and “weather linkage”. Among them, Tianji City and Shenmulin have a very strong output ability in “Fengtian”, which is also likely to be an opportunity for them to reach the top of the martial arts altar. Although the Tang government did not acquire the ability to “swarm seconds”, it was not weakened either. Therefore, don’t be discouraged, and believe that every disciple of the Tang government will have a bright future!