Fantasy Westward Journey: Graduate students revealed that the 109-level legal configuration routine can easily reach 1600 legal damage

Fantasy Westward Journey is currently divided into the physics department and the law department, and the law department is a relatively difficult faction to play, because it is difficult to improve the law damage. One is that a lot of money needs to be invested, and the other is that the law department requires more skills than the physics department. There are many players who like the gameplay system and have a lot of money in their hands, but when they actually play, they encounter various problems, and the spell damage can never be lifted. Let a graduate student give you advice and tell you how to play with the 109-level legal system.

The situation is like this. A 20-year-old player has played single-player and five-player at levels 69, 09, and 29. He is not a professional player, so he is not very proficient. 19 years of work and academic pressure, temporarily out of the pit. But at the end of last year, I was bored after finishing the postgraduate entrance examination, and wanted to return to the pit, and then assigned myself a single legal system number. Here, I will share the 2w legal system equipment and summoned beasts for those who are new to the pit or want to return to the pit. train of thought. 2w is not too much in the fantasy game, but if you match it well, you will definitely not be stuck in the quest dungeon in the 109 individual team.

There is no absolute idea of ​​matching, everyone has a different opinion, and I will take many detours, just to remind everyone.

Let’s first understand the basic attributes of a person.

In the case of no match, the magic damage is 1490, the magic defense is 1196, and the defense is 1194.

6% spell crit rating, spell damage result 55.

In terms of auxiliary skills, the physical strengthening technique is at level 140, and the speed is currently at level 23.

In terms of cultivation, the characters have reached level 17 in the third level of cultivation, and in terms of summoned beasts, the attack and spell control power has reached level 17. No talisman, no artifact, with a single wind belt, counting the magic knot 1500 spell damage, 12 opportunities, strong and fast. The empty number was purchased for 4500 yuan, and I am running a chance recently, and the chance is full, rounding up to 1600 spell damage is no problem.

The weapon is 500, the gems I play are about 600, and the cost is 1100. At that time, I was mainly optimistic about the magic and sensitivity double plus 40, and the initial injury was okay.

Level 100 armor equipment, the price is 940, and the magic resistance is doubled by 35. The initial defense is not bad, and the demon defense is full.

The old buddies in the chain consulting group bought it. At that time, the minimum price of the 10th stage of the full server was 2100. I bought it for 2400, which is just enough to match the clothes.

The helmet and shoes are no tricks, they were bought across servers, the high-attribute clean bottle Nuwa suit, the belt is not good, so use this to top it first, anyway, you can’t make up 5 sets of clean bottles with daily sports shoes. In terms of price, the helmet is 1000, the shoes are 1300, and the belt is 440.

The attributes of the spirit ornaments are shown in the picture above, and the front row is equipped with 6 stages of magic, explosion, damage, and knot, which is the most cost-effective choice for civilians. Teammates can’t see your panel, but can only see your second data, ring 700, earring 750.

After configuring the whole set of equipment, the total value of human equipment is 9830, plus the empty number 4500, the total cost is 14330, and then there are 5000 to configure the summoned baby.