Fantasy Westward Journey: Forbidden City Style Update 3rd 10 Red Truth Listening, Fish Always Sell 1st No Level Ring

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Qufu Confucius Temple Second Team bought the first attribute Jingqing shoes

The recent update of the Qufu Confucius Temple uniform team can only be described as terrifying. The 160 crystal clear shoes of the first attribute of the Great Wall were sold at a sky-high price. Unexpectedly, the one who bought these shoes was actually the physical boss of the Qufu No. 2 team.

Style Update 3rd 10 Red Truth Listening

Recently, the Forbidden City Datang Style gave his 10 Red Truths a book of Sumeru Beasts. As a result, luck was very good, and the high magic company skill was topped off.

It is worth mentioning that this is already the 3rd finished product of the 10 Red Truths. After joining in style, the quality of the Forbidden City baby has instantly improved a lot.

Xueshan big D brother beats 11 red nets to die

The Yishui Snow Mountain Flathead Team has a very top-level physics boss, Brother D, who has been constantly updating the cleanroom baby. Yesterday, he even became an 11-red 11-red clean-tailed horse to die, and his skill set is also perfect!

In addition, Brother D also has a 12-red Jingtai good devil boy, and the skill combination is also very perfect! His other 2 12-red clean Taiwan attack babies, and one 11-red clean Taiwan blood baby, will be photographed in special beasts in the near future!

In the world of Fantasy Westward Journey, there will always be hidden dragons and crouching tigers, and there will be some low-key top bosses emerging from time to time!

Fish sells 69 physical gear in total, including the 1st unranked ring

The treasure pavilion’s service and daughter Yu Zong have already started to pre-sell his equipment at level 69, including 150 first-level no-level rings. In the future, he will put all his energy into level 175.