Fantasy Westward Journey: Ergou welcomes the Shenhao tune general transfer area, revealing that there are 5 physics bosses who may join?

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One and two dogs greeted the general transfer area of ​​Shenhao tune, revealing that there are 5 physics bosses who may join?

In last night’s live broadcast, Ergou specially organized a wave of fans to set up a stall at the server transfer messenger, and welcomed the Shenhao Law Department’s total airborne Lingyin Temple server. Ergou’s plan to build a multi-sacred clothing team and win the championship in October next year has taken a very solid step.

Ergou not only threw a lot of fantasy coins to the fans who picked up the plane, but also gave out red envelopes on Transsion and gang channels to celebrate the strong joining of Shenhao Tiao.

In order to convince Mr. Tiao to join the Lingyin Temple server team, Ergou went to visit Mr. Tiao offline and ate together.

Ergou revealed that Tiao will continue to update, and the goal is to not be too much worse than “other legal systems”.

Compared with the previous period, the number of Jingtai Shenma Boys in Tiao Zong’s hands has reached 4, including 2 Jingtai Shenma death and legal defense boys, 1 13-tech Jingtai Shenma barrier demon boy, 1 12 The Magic Boy of the God Horse Barrier!

A god of war with so many horses, it is obvious that he is always a very ambitious boss! In addition to Tiao Zong, Ergou said that another legal system of Lingyin Temple is Feng Shao’s 397 Divine Chain.

In addition, Ergou also threw out an explosive news, including Brother Jianxin and Uncle Si, a total of 5 physics departments may join Lingyin Temple, the worst weapons have reached 1075 or more, the new physics boss will It will be determined around February next year. Under the operation of Ergou, a new military service giant Lingyin Temple is about to rise in the Martial God Altar!

2. The anchor Wutong identified 160 Shuiqing seal chains

Recently, Wutong’s live broadcast has been like a hang-up, constantly identifying all kinds of non-level and 160 top-quality equipment. Last night, he helped the boss identify a 160 water-clear seal necklace during the live broadcast. The seal hit rate increased by 1.26%. In addition, it also added a focus effect. This necklace is very suitable for serving his daughter.

Shockingly, in addition to the 160 water and clear seal necklace, Wutong identified a 160 non-abrasive necklace, and the initial spiritual power reached 258 points.

I used to think that Wutong used “life” to write books, but now it seems that his identification with “life” is just as violent!