Fantasy Westward Journey: Ergou teaches “beautiful roommates” to play fantasy, Haowen spends 15,000 yuan for reverse update

Hello everyone, I’m Rufeng, a veteran player brings you a story about fantasy! (Original code words, resist plagiarism, thank you for your attention and likes)

Two dogs teach beautiful roommates to play fantasy

The arrival of 2 beautiful roommates made Ergou’s live broadcast more interesting. In the live broadcast last night, Ergou taught one of the roommates to play fantasy, and the other party had a great time playing with plates.

Howen spent 15,000 yuan for “reverse update”?

A month ago, Haowen bought this level 160 laughter hidden knife women’s clothing, because of the pursuit of equipment details, he re-melted this women’s clothing! Unexpectedly, it doesn’t matter if it is not smelted, and once it is smelted, it falls directly into the bottomless pit.

After a month of frantic smelting, Haowen has spent 15,000 yuan on this dress. As a result, the smelting attributes of the clothes have become 3 defense, 3 constitution and 2 agility. Compared with before, the defense is 12 points less, and there is a wave.” Reverse update”!

The best French men’s clothing double plus 69 points

Yishui Snow Mountain has newly released a 160 top-quality law-type men’s clothing. The initial defense is 280 points, the magic storm damage has increased by 3.87%, and the double bonus of body and magic has reached an astonishing 69 points. I believe this clothing will soon be used. Guy in the bag!

New men’s clothes with 160 chance of French violence

Coincidentally, in Laoshan in the East China Sea, there is also a men’s clothing with a 160 chance of violence and 1.14%, the initial defense is 269, and the double bonus of body and magic has reached 55 points.

Awan did not join the snow mountain suit team

According to the original plan, the original Mingxiu Garden uniform and Pansi Awan will join Qiu Sha to join the Yishui Snow Mountain uniform team. However, judging from the current situation, Awan did not join Snow Mountain.