Fantasy Westward Journey: Ergou live broadcasts 2 beautiful roommates to cook and invite Wenge from Zhenbaoge to join Lingyin Temple

Hello everyone, I’m Rufeng, a veteran player brings you a story about fantasy! (Original code words, resist plagiarism, thank you for your attention and likes)

1. Ergou Live, 2 beautiful “roommates” are cooking and discussing joining with Brother Wen?

In the dream, Ergou ushered in the joining of Mr. Tiao, the boss of Shenhao. In life, after Ergou welcomed two beautiful “roommates” into Midtown, Ergou has been a good thing in recent times. People are in good spirits on happy occasions. In yesterday’s live broadcast, Ergou specially broadcasted the scene of two beautiful “roommates” cooking together for fans.

The two beautiful “roommates” made a large table full of dishes. Ergou, who is used to ordering takeaways such as pork knuckle rice, KFC, and pizza every day, tasted the taste of home-cooked food for the first time!

After the meal, the two beautiful “roommates”, out of curiosity, also had a live broadcast with Ergou, and had a good interaction with the bosses and fans of the live broadcast room.

The brothers in the live broadcast room even raised the slogan that the assistant in black should not speak and leave quickly.

Brother Zhenbao Gewen, who hasn’t shown up for a long time, also appeared in Ergou’s live broadcast room last night and gave him a gift of 1,000 yuan every minute.

In last night’s live broadcast, Ergou even dropped the broadcast ahead of time, claiming that he wanted to talk to Brother Wen about joining Lingyin Temple. Whether the multi-god hero team that Ergou is going to build will eventually appear as Brother Wen, Rufeng will continue to pay attention to you!

2. Qufu Confucian Temple Chaos 960,000 to buy 14 skills, Ma Jingtai, to split the devil boy!

Recently, the Qufu Confucius Temple uniform team is definitely one of the giants with the most updated efforts. More importantly, they are all updated by all the bosses. In terms of the quantity and quality of Jingtai babies, they have surpassed Yudao and are on a par with the Zhenbao Pavilion service team.

Last night, Chaos, the team’s physics boss, bought a 14-skill Shenma Jingtai Liqi Demon Boy from the Wanlifu team at a price of 960,000 yuan.

In addition, Chaos also bought a 14-skill Jingtai good demon boy this month. The overall quality of his baby is among the best in server physics.

The madly updated Qufu Confucius Temple uniform team will definitely not be satisfied with the 3 championships achieved this year, and they have to sprint for the 4th or even the 5th championship. At the end of the year, the All-Star of the Martial God Altar, their goal is also to rush to the championship.