Fantasy Westward Journey: Boss 109 smashes level 17 relics, Wutong 13 skills tear demon refining demon overturned!

Hello everyone, I’m Rufeng, a veteran player brings you a story about fantasy! (Original code words, resist plagiarism, thank you for your attention and likes)

Poetic and pictorial Luo Ge together broken 17 relics

The poetic and picturesque 109 law boss Luo Ge, when updating the 18-stage equipment for himself, directly smashed a 17-level relic, and lost hundreds of thousands in an instant.

Ciguang Pavilion out of 150 non-grinding ice hammer

Recently, a player in Ciguang Pavilion identified a 150-level physical resistance double plus non-grinding ice hammer. If the ice clear art removes two points and becomes water clear, this hammer should add a lot of value.

Pigsty king rank on the star!

In addition to commanding the server battle, Zhenbaoge commanding pigsty also likes to fight the king very much, and his rank has reached the supreme star level.

Chang’an City out of 140 no-level ring

Within three years, a new 140-level no-level ring in Chang’an City, a new district, was soon bought directly by the late blooming boss of the 109 team during the year.

Indus high-end demon refining overturned

Wutong came to a group of very high-end refining demons in the live broadcast, with 7 skills of listening and 13 skills of page-turning tear demons, but unexpectedly combined a wild listening with 3 skills!