Fantasy Westward Journey 9 skill is only 2000w? The guy is 2,000 yuan per second, but he stepped on the trap

Recently, Fantasy Westward Journey seems to have picked up a lot of leaks, and many small partners have posted their own records. A player went shopping and encountered 22 million luxury 9-skill dual-special pets; another player spent 2000R to buy 6-skill dual-special Thunderbirds from Treasure Pavilion; another player was the most extreme, saying that he “picked up” without doing anything225 Yuan. Without further ado, let’s take a look at their impressive record now!

1. The 22.22 million is out of Xumi, a big leak?

Contributing fans: Xiao-2-brother.

When a player was wandering around the booth, he suddenly found that a 9-skilled Sumeru God only placed 2200W. You must know that 2200W is about 200 yuan, which is not even worth the advanced 110. What’s more, this day travel god is a perfect PK sprint instant magic pet with a suit, and the real value may start with five figures. At this time, the player was a little panicked and full of doubts. Will it burn after buying it?

Give it a try, what if the seller misplaces the summoned beast?

2. Players pick up double special Thunderbirds, but the more they think about it, the more wrong they are

Give everyone 5 seconds of thinking time. Would you spend 2,000 yuan to buy the double special Thunderbirds in the picture above?

Some players said that they bought it in less than 5 seconds, but they felt that something was wrong in less than 5 seconds. The player wiped his eyes, watched it several times, and said that there was nothing wrong with the nagging, this Thunderbird did not have Dafa or “arrows”.

Players don’t even think about it, how can there be such a baby who doesn’t practice Dafa?

3. The easiest way to pick up leaks, you can earn 225 yuan while lying down

A player shared his experience of wading to make money. The reason was that he sold a 100-level high-defense, high-level 100-level high-defense double plus night Rakshasa men’s clothing at the price of 5,266 yuan, and then there was a buyer. The counter-offer was 4,500 yuan in the form of an advance deposit, and the player agreed without thinking.

But the buyer gives up paying the remaining balance, which means giving up the 450 yuan deposit previously prepaid, so that the player will receive half of the deposit without doing anything.

Is it the easiest way to make money like this?

4. Indus can not escape bad luck when washing hands and playing books

Wutong recently received the resources of Jingtai Chasing Shushu Quanhong, which is the 11-skill Jingtai demonized boy above. The attack capital and growth are very good. If you destroy the weaknesses, you can make up for the good and evil beasts. If you clean the platform, you can go directly to the battle.

In order to improve the success rate of writing a book, Wutong went to wash his hands specially, and then shot the beast tactic [High Night Battle].

[Gao Yezhan] Directly knocks [Gao Meditation] into the air, this baby will be very uncomfortable without the battery life skills, so I have to make up for [Gao Meditation], but I can go back to [Gao Meditation] and arrange [Clear Terrace] Clearly, leaving only the sigh of Wutong’s loss.

5. Lucky players like to mention the best task necklace

Contributing fans: Xiao-2-brother.

Yesterday, Ou Huang liked to mention a necklace with a 150-level sky-defying double blue character. Not only does the spiritual power reach 232, but the double blue character is still very powerful and durable. It is comfortable for legal system or auxiliary use. It can call the wind and call rain or reduce spell damage in daily tasks, and it can improve the defense attribute of teammates in difficult tasks. This necklace can be called a small task artifact!

How much do you think this necklace will sell for?

6. A friend sells a boy for 7,000 yuan. Please eat or take a laxative?

A young hero encountered a problem. A friend planned to sell the above 10-skilled boy for 7,000 yuan. He was hesitating whether to buy it. This boy’s skills can play both offensive and defensive effects, and it belongs to the perfect Lianshan configuration. It can not only pass difficult tasks, but also fight gang battles. The aptitude is not bad, and it will be perfect if you raise the Lantern Festival for another 2 years. It can be said to be a good helper for civilian players.

What do you think, pig friends, this time, is it a meal or a laxative? Let’s chat in the comments section.