Fantasy Westward Journey: 5 months after opening the server to level 174, with 10 forged equipment, ranking first in the master list

Fantasy Westward Journey: 5 months after opening the server to level 174, with 10 forged equipment, ranking first in the master list

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I have to say that the new area is very hot now. Fantasy Westward Journey will open a new area every once in a while, and there will be many new and old players coming to sprint. On the one hand, you can re-experience the fun of upgrading, and on the other hand, you can experience different combinations of martial arts. For example, the very popular one metamorphosis four lion camel combination is crazy, very violent! Of course, there are also some local tyrants who come to play in the new area. They will play a big game, try to get to Huasheng as soon as possible, bring a super equipment, and look for the feeling of disdain for the whole area. In this article, Haozai brings you an account from a new area that has been in service for 5 months. Relying on his own strength, he won the title of the top ten masters in the region. What exactly is the number? Come check it out!

5 months after opening the server to level 174, and only 10 forgings in the whole body, but ranked first in the top ten masters list!

The number is a level 174 God’s Wood, and the panel attributes don’t look too strong, and this is still the attribute after hitting the talisman.

But you should understand when you see the server he is on. He is from Wuyue Duzun, District 1, Shandong. He was created on the day the server was launched. It has just been 5 months since now, and it is very good to be able to upgrade to level 174!

The skills are currently like this, it is not that there is no money, it is too lack of experience.

Through the Westward Journey News query, this number is currently ranked first in the top ten masters list, which is also the best proof of his strength. So what kind of equipment did he bring? Let’s have a look together!

The 90-level piano sound is three layers of Ruyi fairy wearing a male head, and the 9-forged moon stone is used. This is already a relatively top-level equipment in the new area.

Level 130 Nvwa necklace, first spirit 181, 10 forged relics, this kind of necklace is placed in the old area, basically no one will give him 10 forged gems.

Fairy Ruyi is level 130 with armor, plus 44 for both body and magic, and 10 forged relics. This dress is relatively good.

At level 100, he put down the butcher knife and Ruyi Fairy’s shoes, hit 10 forged black gems, and got together the magic three-piece suit of Ruyi Fairy.

Level 140 belt, 10 forged black gems without anger, really arrogant!

Level 150 weapons, 16 stamina alone, and 10 forged sun stones. If you guessed correctly, there are very few level 150 books and irons in the area, so it is not bad to be able to bring 150 weapons.

The bottom row of the earrings is a double method and a violent one, and the bottom row of the ring is a double method and a puncture. The attributes of the accessories and bracelets are not bad, and the special effects are selected at level 5 163.

The newly-made 7-skill-resistant barrier boy, the level has not risen yet.

The 10-skill high-level blood attacking mad leopard, the new area can have so many skills, and the growth qualification is very good, it is rare!

10 skills Turtle speed blood pet crazy leopard, killing difficulty can be used to play PK, but there should be few people are his opponents.

The 7th skill is Sumeru Yamato.

4 Skills Night Dance Allure Night Rakshasa, is this baby also used to play PK?

9 skills, high blood attack and painting soul, this one grows well, but the aptitude is too poor, it will take two years to raise.

The 9-skilled resistance barrier Crazy Leopard also has poor qualifications. There is no way for the new area to have a Lantern Festival yet, and it will have to wait for the Lantern Festival next year.

The 4th skill is to defend the dragon turtle, and you can set the pace for yourself. Other qualifications are very good, but the speed qualification is a bit lacking.

7 Skills Turtle Speed ​​Blood Pet Day Tour God.

8 skills will enter the violent Xumi’s voice, and there is no shortage of skills in the suit with high law, which definitely belongs to the top law pet in the new area.

Well, the Shenmue Forest in this new area has been displayed, and it has been upgraded to level 174 within 5 months of opening the server, which is destined to be extraordinary for the boss. Looking at his babies, they are common in the old district, but it is too difficult to create for the new district. The main reason is that the embryos are very rare, and the boss must have made a lot of money to get it. All right, what do you think of this number? Let’s evaluate it together!