Fantasy Westward Journey 195 Martial God Altar Monkey Brother doesn’t pretend to be 16 rounds to push his birthday, and Wanli makes a comeback

The 195th Martial God Altar group stage will start on Saturday this week. 64 top Tianyuan teams will compete in the top 16. The editor has carefully selected 5 battles for you, let’s enjoy them together.

1. The big death in the poetic opening, and the opponents successfully counterattacked with the spell

[Watching Party] Poetic and pictorial lineup: Daughter, Pansi, Metamorphosis, Spellmaster, Shenmu Wind Array Double Sealing Spellmaster

[Competitors] Jiefangbei lineup: Daughter, Underworld, Huasheng, Datang, Shenmu Wind Array GB

In the first round of the 195th Wushen altar group match, the poetic and pictorial double spell masters met the national standard lineup of Jiefangbei, and both sides were unrestrained by the wind gust. At the beginning of the opening, the Jiefang Monument launched a point kill, hit the big death and knocked the opponent’s Shenmu Lin to the ground. Poetic and picturesque had to pull out the Yanghu to pull up the Shenmu. Unexpectedly, the Liberation Monument exerted its force again and brought down the poetic Shenmu again. Brother Monkey could only Plan again.

Poetic and pictorial, the Jiefangbei was covered with a hoop spell, and then Ban Healing cooperated with Shenmu Linqun to suppress the opponent Datang. In the 16th round, the Jiefang Monument’s daughter fell to the ground with the hoop curse. He split with high injury and continuously killed Datang, Daughter, Huasheng Temple of Jiefangbei, and finally won the final 24 rounds and scored 1 point.

Editor’s comment: Brother Monkey’s wave of spell masters is very proficient, and he carries a double female seal. He also successfully sealed Huasheng Temple at a critical moment. It can be said that his understanding of this version is still very deep.

2. Xizha Old Street closed Wuzhuang into a small night and blocked Yishui Snow Mountain

[Watching Party] Xizha Old Street Lineup: Daughter, Pansi, Huasheng, Curse Master, Wuzhuang Bird Formation Three Letters

[Competitors] Yishui Snow Mountain Lineup: Daughter, Underworld, Huasheng, Datang, Shenmu Bird Array National Standard

In the second round of the 195th Wushen Tan group match, Xizha Old Street put on a lineup of magicians and five villages to face the national standard lineup of Yishui Snow Mountain. Both sides were bird formations. Xizha Old Street got the first speed of the audience. Although the opening scene directly opened the wink, he was still killed by Yishui Snow Mountain and his daughter and the magician Putuo.

Yishui Snow Mountain realized the importance of the first speed in the whole game, so he won the first speed with his opponent while clearing his favorite. And Xizha Old Street is also constantly putting spells on opponents. Although Wuzhuang has changed the Night Rakshasa card, it still uses Sun Moon Universe, so that Snow Mountain has no chance to kill.

In the 36th round, Xizha Old Street used the attack and listen, and the flute knocked down the first-speed daughter of Yishui Snow Mountain, and controlled her stunt to prevent Jingqing. , Basically the trend is over. In the final 49 rounds, Xizha Old Street successfully cleared the field and won the game.

Editor’s comment: In the later stage of Yishui Snow Mountain, there was almost no point-killing attempt, and it was purely in a state of waiting for death. It can be seen that its team command system is not perfect, and I look forward to a more dazzling performance tomorrow.

3. The 2020 National Standard Speeds up Gusu City

[Watching Party] 2020 Lineup: Daughter, Underworld, Huasheng, Datang, Shenmu Tiger Formation National Standard

[Competitors] Gusu City lineup: Wuzhuang, Huasheng, Putuo, Lion Camel, Shenmu Bird Array, double-assisted femtosecond

In the third round of the 195th Wushen Tan group match, in 2020 against Gusu City, the Gusu City Bird Array double-assisted femtoseconds beat the Tiger Array national standard of Gusu City. In the third round of the opening, 2022 decisively launched a small death point kill and killed the Lion Camel Ridge in Gusu City.

At the same time, Gusu City has a very routine to directly choose to seal the good and evil babies of 2020, but unexpectedly, it was untied by the 2020 Jing Qing and swept the thousands of troops with a backhand to cut the Huasheng Temple in Gusu City.

Gusu City, who lost the injury recovery unit, was named one person less than one person. In the end, in the 7th round of 2020, he successfully cleared the field and won the game.

Editor’s comment: The disadvantage of the dual-assist lineup is that you can only use water to prevent small deaths and kill, and the consequences of mistakes are unimaginable. As a new district in 2020, it is very powerful to have such strength.

4. Poetic and pictorial blockbuster 16 rounds push happy birthday

[Watching party] Poetic and picturesque lineup: daughter, Pansi, Huasheng, spell master, lion and camel double seal cloud formation

[Competitors] Happy Birthday Lineup: Wuzhuang, Pansi, Huasheng, Curse Master, Shenmu Double Sealing Curse Master Method

In the fourth round of the 195th Wushen altar, Happy Birthday met the poetic and pictorial flow king, and Happy Birthday used the most commonly used double-seal magician lineup to fight. Poetry and picturesque instead of martial arts, and sacrificed the lineup of Yunzheng, lion and camel spell masters.

The opening scene is poetic and picturesque, and directly opens the plane and hangs the hoop spell. Happy Birthday is obviously too underestimated. Wuzhuang used the Quanmin attribute and was hit by good and evil. 4000 damage. In the fifth round, Poetry Ban Healing Happy Birthday Wu Zhuang, and hit a big death to knock it down.

Happy Birthday, I was shocked, but the speed was suppressed and the coils didn’t fall off the meridians, so I could only watch the tightening spell slowly erode my anger. , 14 rounds of poetic and pictorial resolutely replaced Xumi to defeat the Happy Birthday Curse Master and Pansi, and in the next round, Xumi defeated Huasheng Temple and Wuzhuang again.

Happy Birthday, there are fewer and fewer operable units, and after only 16 rounds, I was defeated by the poetic and pictorial hand that did not even listen to the truth.

Editor’s comment: This wave, it’s Dong Shi’s frown, and the monkeys don’t pretend.

5. The Great Wall resisted the blood god wood and successfully advanced

[Watching Party] The Great Wall Lineup: Daughter, Underworld, Huasheng, Datang, Shenmu Eagle Array National Standard

[Competitors] Qingdao Trestle Lineup: Difu, Huasheng, Lion Camel, Shenmu, Shenmu Bird Formation, Blood Shenmu Three Attacks

In the fifth round of the 195th Wushen Tan group match, the Great Wall team, which had decided to disband, met the double blood Shenmu lineup of Qinghai Zhanqiao.

In the first round of the opening round, Qingdao Zhanqiao used Cursed Injury, Night Dance Allure and Double Blood Rain to knock down the daughter of the Great Wall of China. In the third round, when Qingdao Zhanqiao killed the opponent’s Shenmu Lin, it triggered 163. The Great Wall of Huasheng Temple Immediately afterwards, he used a golden body to save his life.

In the fifth round, the Great Wall drove Fenglin Volcano to increase the speed, but I didn’t expect Qingdao Zhanqiao to directly use the Infernal Hell, knocking down the Great Wall’s daughter and Datang, and pulling out groups of Xumi. However, the baby of the Great Wall easily removed Xumiqing from Qingdao Zhanqiao and successfully saved her daughter’s foothold in the eighth round by invigorating blood.

At this time, the double-blooded gods of Qingdao Zhanqiao were already below half blood, and they could not initiate a mortal point kill, while the Great Wall Shenmu Lin continued to output, and several units of Qingdao Zhanqiao were destroyed in seconds. Qingdao Zhanqiao then used multiple Cihangs, but Neither could organize an effective counterattack. In the final round of 26, the Great Wall won this round.

Editor’s comment: The double-blood Shenmu lineup is extremely aggressive, but once the blood volume of Shenmu decreases, it will enter the stage of fatigue, and Qingdao Trestle Bridge has indeed tried its best.


The list of the top 16 in the 195th Martial God Altar is as above. The league group stage staged a number of exciting and classic duels, such as Monkey Brother 16 rounds to push the former server champion, Xizha Old Street blocked Yishui Snow Mountain with three lineups, etc. . Of course, friends who like to serve battles must not miss the battle of the top 16 in the martial arts altar tomorrow, who will be the “strongest king” of the league, look forward to it!