Fantasy Westward Journey 195 Martial God Altar Finals Putuo Mountain Dasha Snow Mountain Four Guarantees One, 3000W God of War Champion

To say that the biggest “dark horse” in the martial arts altar this year is Putuo Mountain. Although they have the top bonus of 3000W God of War, they have already begun to win the championship after defeating the first-line servers such as Treasure Pavilion and Diaoyu Island in the knockout rounds. As long as they play steadily and defeat Yishui Snow Mountain in the final, they can successfully realize their dream. Now, let’s bring you the battle report of this Wushen altar final!

1. Participating factions and bans on both sides

The participating schools of Putuo Mountain are Difu, Huasheng, Lion Camel, Daughter, Pansi, Shenmu, Demon King, Datang, and Wuzhuang. And the “four guarantees one” and other strong systems.

The participating sects in Yishui Snow Mountain are Huasheng, Wuzhuang, Lion Camel, Pansi, Datang, Shenmu, Difu, Daughters, and Bottomless Pit. Although this set of participating sects can also form a lot of strong lineups. However, due to its lack of Demon King Village, it is weaker than Putuo Mountain in terms of facial injury.

In addition, both sides banned their opponents Yincao Difu and Huasheng Temple in the banning link, and it seems that they do not plan to enter the national standard lineup.

2. Analysis of the lineup of the two sides

After the start of the game, both sides chose the Eagle Howling Formation, and there was no way to restrain the relationship. The specific lineup is as follows:

Putuo Mountain: Demon King Village, Shituo Ridge, Wuzhuang Temple, Pansi Cave, Huasheng Temple

Yishui Snow Mountain: Huasheng Temple, Wuzhuang Temple, Daughter, Tang government, Bottomless Pit

As far as the lineup system is concerned, this is a battle between “212” and “four guarantees and one”. Although Putuo Mountain has the blessing of 30 million gods of war, Yishui Snow Mountain also uses the dual recovery system of “bottomless pit and Huasheng Temple”. Even if Putuo Mountain is injured at a high level, it is difficult to penetrate the Yishui Snow Mountain defense line in the early stage. On the contrary, as long as Yishui Snow Mountain folds the sword intent of the Tang government, it is easy to catch the breakthrough of Putuo Mountain.

Third, the match situation

After the start of the game, the bottomless pit of Putuo Mountain grabbed the first speed of the game with its high God of War and flexible configuration. This will be very beneficial for the duel of “Double Seal” VS “Double Seal”. However, the speed of Yishui Snow Mountain was also good. My daughter and Wuzhuang got the second and third speed of the whole game. On the contrary, the Pansi Cave in Putuo Mountain was a bit embarrassing. It was not convenient for him to control anyone with the fifth speed.

In the fourth round of the competition, Putuo Mountain was very lucky. Shituoling triggered Falian for the first time looking for the sky, and a wave of harvested “two layers of flower rain”. Such an increase in damage made Yishui Snow Mountain’s scalp numb.

However, both sides mainly focused on Qing pets in the early stage. Putuo Mountain focused on the summoned beasts of Wuzhuang Temple and Huasheng Temple in Yishui Snow Mountain, and Yishui Snow Mountain attacked the summoned beasts of Huasheng Temple in Putuo Mountain.

In the 10th-16th round of the game, Putuo Mountain Wuzhuangguan staged the immortal seal (the kind that hits 5 times in 6 seals), used Sun Moon Qiankun several times to firmly control the double seals of Yishui Snow Mountain, and played facial injuries for their own side. Made a great contribution.

In the 17th round of the game, Putuo Mountain began to limit the progress of the “Sword Intent” of the Tang officials in Yishui Snow Mountain by means of point-killing, which made him very uncomfortable.

At the same time, with the blessing of 30 million Gods of War, Putuo Mountain’s double-sided injury lineup also hit extremely explosive damage. Even if Yishui Snow Mountain has a very strong “recovery system”, it is still difficult to escape the bad luck of being handicapped in seconds.

It is worth mentioning that, under the suppression of the successive facial injuries from Putuo Mountain, although Yishui Snow Mountain tried to protect the Tang government’s shot, its sword intent has only been stacked to 6 layers, and it will take at least a dozen rounds to take shape.

Although Yishui Snow Mountain has been pulling out the law to prevent pets and damage, Putuo Mountain is not vegetarian. In the 30th round of the game, Putuo Mountain decisively launched an attack on the Tang government in Yishui Snow Mountain.

In the 33rd round of the game, Putuo Mountain’s dual output system was launched with the God of War, which made Yishui Snow Mountain have to fall into a more difficult dilemma to recover.

However, Putuo Mountain did not forget to restrict the Tang officials of the Yishui Snow Mountain when they were injured. They used methods such as prohibition of treatment and sealing the Huasheng Temple, so that the Yishui Snow Mountain had to use medicine to recover.

In the 39th round of the game, Putuo Mountain Lion Tuoling cooperated with Mowangzhai to hit a wave of explosive face injuries and directly sent away the bottomless pit of Yishui Snow Mountain. It can be said that after this wave of injuries, the outcome has been decided.

Afterwards, Wuzhuangguan of Putuo Mountain gave the Shituo Ridge a long life, and the Demon King Village cooperated with the Shituo Ridge to continue to face injuries. After experiencing two high-value facial injuries, the strategic resources of Yishui Snow Mountain are seriously insufficient.

In the 45th round of the competition, Putuo Mountain took advantage of the explosive facial injuries of Shituoling, Mowangzhai and Di Ting, and directly cleared Yishui Snow Mountain from the field with the speed of “one round”, and won the championship of this year’s Wushen altar!


According to the data exposed after the game, the magic damage of the Demon King Village in Putuo Mountain is as high as “3111” points. The damage caused by the Demon King Village of this kind of damage can only be described as “terrifying” when combined with the equally violent Lion Mountain. In addition, this year’s Putuo Mountain Command Team also performed very well. Even the record of overturning the two mountains of Treasure Pavilion and Diaoyu Island is enough to make this champion full of gold.