Fantasy Westward Journey: 175 three attacks on the lion and camel to achieve 9286, the champion of the appearance competition, strength and appearance coexist

Fantasy Westward Journey: 175 three attacks on the lion and camel to achieve 9286, the champion of the appearance competition, strength and appearance coexist

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It’s been a few days since I showed you the Shi Tuo Ling of the Three Attacks team. Are you itching? It’s not that I won’t show you, there are really too many to show, but there are not too many highlights, so I just wait and wait! Today, I finally made Haozi wait for one. Although he does not have the top equipment, he has a unique title in the region. Although his babies are not many, they have the most fantastic beasts in the whole world. A set of top-quality non-grinding mission equipment is even more eye-catching for civilian players. What I want to show you in this article is a 175-level three-attack Shituoling with both strength and appearance. What exactly is the number? You will know when you read it!

175 three attacks on Shi Tuoling and achieved 9286 points, still the champion of the appearance competition, strength and appearance coexist!

The panel attributes of the level 175 Lioneling Talisman after the talisman, but there is no artifact, and there is no ornament, and the configuration can improve a lot of attributes. The title of the champion of the face value competition is the most eye-catching. Generally speaking, this kind of three-attack number, the most important thing is the improvement of attributes, and the appearance is the second, but he pursues both at the same time.

With 9286 points of achievement, this number is destined to be extraordinary, and the achievement show looks very domineering!

Can you see any difference from his brocade? Every set of his brocade clothes is well matched. What kind of brocade clothes goes with what weapons, they are neatly arranged. He deserves to be the champion of the appearance competition. Before going out for the task, he should dress himself up a little more delicately.

Level 130 Blood Breaker turned into a male head and played 13 Forged Red Agate. This rank is more suitable for gang leagues.

Level 140 Beast Power Transformation Set Necklace, after smelting, the first spirit was 222, and 10 forging relics were made.

Level 160 turned into a suit of armor, strength and sensitivity increased by 65, defense after smelting 281, hit 14 forged light stones.

Level 130 Shattered Musou transformed into a set of shoes, played 12 forged black gems, after smelting, the agility is 55 and the defense is 86, which is very good.

Level 140 anger turned into a belt and hit 13 forged black gems. For such a delicate player, how can he tolerate equipment repair failures? unexpected!

Level 150 high damage weapon, after smelting, add 41 force and reduce 9 magic, hit 15 forged red agate, the comprehensive damage of all attributes is about 1000.

The bottom row of earrings has double damage and one speed, and the bottom row of rings has double speed and one damage. The price is relatively high. The bottom row of accessories and bracelets are both defensive and one blood. The special effect is 6-level 163.

There is also a very good set of non-wearable transformation task sets, you can see for yourself, the task of brushing is one word – cool!

9 Skills will enter the violent Xumi boy, and the growth of aptitude is very good. There are no screenshots of the two mythical beasts, the super god sheep and the super god dog Haozai, and the skills are all back and forth.

6 skills blood attack points manpower to split the mad leopard, the growth qualification is very limited, and the attack capital will be full immediately.

The 6-skill Turtle Speed ​​Clean Taiwan blood pet boy, the speed qualification is only 100 points, but the defense qualification has been raised to 1469, it seems that it has been raised for several years.

8 Skills will enter the violence Sumeru boy, the suit with high advanced violence does not lack skills.

8 skills will enter the violent Sumeru boy, the suit brings high law violence.

The most shocking mythical beast in Fantasy Westward Journey is Super Kunpeng. Only this mythical beast can be worthy of the title of the champion of his face value competition. It is absolutely perfect to pull it out! The super magic horse above will not be shown. Many three-attack physics departments will be equipped with one to improve their speed.

The last 7-skill thousand-speed blood pet boy.

Well, the 175-level three-attack lion camel ridge has been displayed. The PK equipment is not the top level, but it is completely enough. There is a set of non-wearable transformation equipment for the brush task, and the PK task can be easily switched. Coupled with the title of the champion of the appearance competition, it has achieved the coexistence of strength and appearance, and this is the real winner in the game!