Fantasy Westward Journey: 175 server battle champion Huasheng Temple, anger 6 stunts 6 clean Taiwan pets, keep up with the trend

Fantasy Westward Journey: 175 server battle champion Huasheng Temple, anger 6 stunts 6 clean Taiwan pets, keep up with the trend

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In the last article, Hao Zai showed you the five village views of this year’s Wushen altar champion team. With his 6 favorite horses, he was still very violent. However, many giants in the server battle are now pursuing the favor of the clean platform, and Wuzhuangguan chose the god horse between the clean platform and the god horse. This is understandable, because the speed of the seal is the most important. Next, Hao Zai will show you their team’s Huasheng Temple, and his baby is more inclined to the clean platform. What kind of equipment does he have? Let’s have a look!

175 server battle champion Huasheng Temple, anger 6 stunts 6 clean Taiwan favorites, keep up with the trend!

The attributes of the Huasheng Temple panel have not been obtained. The equipment list shows that the weapons have been dyed. This is the layout of the server boss. The only flaw is that the belt is level 150.

Level 160 Jing Qing Jue Shura Puppet Demon wears a male head and hit 16 Forged Moon Stones.

Level 160 Shennong Armor Breaking Technique Shura Puppet Demon Necklace, after smelting, the first spirit is 232, and 16 forging relics are made.

Level 160 Shui Qingjue Shura Puppet Demon Armor, after smelting, the body agility is doubled by 68, and the moon stone is forged by 16.

Level 160 Hidden Sword in the Laughter, Shura Puppet Demon wears shoes and hits 16 forged black gems.

Level 150 Anger Flowing Cloud Jue Shura Puppet Demon Belt, hit 15 forged black gems, which is also the boss’s dissatisfaction. Currently receiving a Level 160 Anger Stunt Belt, which stunt is received, whichever stunt is received, and other parts will be replaced if there is a conflict .

A 160-level Arhat Admiralty weapon, after smelting, the body resistance is doubled to 65, and the 16-forged sun stone is used.

The bottom row of rings and earrings are all three-speed, and the bottom row of accessories and bracelets are all three magic defenses.

11 Skills Cleaner is good for demonizing a boy. It is too difficult to beat a clean table favorite. Although there are not many skills, a clean table can make up for a lot of deficiencies.

11 Skills: Jingtai is good at demonizing the boy. The skills are not much different from the one above, and the growth is also very good. The only disadvantage is that the qualifications are a bit poor, and it takes two years to raise.

The 12-skill Jingtai is good at demonizing the boy. It has one more skill than the one above, and has the same problem. The aptitude needs to be cultivated slowly.

11 Skills are good at demonizing boys, but it is also a problem of poor aptitude. There is no way that such babies are basically made recently, so Lantern Festival has been eaten for a year at most, so it has to be raised slowly.

The 10th skill death method is to prevent the blood pet boy, this qualification is not bad.

11 Skills clean platform barriers to demonize the boy, this dual-funded is also good, and it is more perfect to raise for a year.

13. A boy with skills and ability to split barriers. These babies are relatively early babies, so their qualifications are obviously much better, because they have been raised for two years.

13 skills death method to prevent blood pet boy.

7 skills high even blood attack task pet.

9 skills to prevent thousand-speed four blood-sucking pet boy.

The 10th skill, Xumi, observes and listens to all phenomena. The skill is perfect, and the key is to resist the blockade.

The 10th skill is Sumeru’s Observing Vientiane Listening. This one is more sensitive than the one above, and can do high-speed listening.

Well, the Putuo Mountain server’s server battle Huasheng Temple has been displayed. Except for the belt, it is difficult to find flaws in the equipment. The most embarrassing thing about the baby is the qualifications, but it is not a big problem. After eating the Lantern Festival next year, it will immediately improve a grade. What are your thoughts on this number? Welcome to leave a comment!