Fantasy Westward Journey: 109 Demon King Ten Thousand Blood 2017 Magic Injury, the most eye-catching thing is his mission outfit?

Fantasy Westward Journey: 109 Demon King Ten Thousand Blood 2017 Magic Injury, the most eye-catching thing is his mission outfit?

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The Demon King has always been favored since the sect adjustment in April. Whether it is a double-law lineup or a national standard lineup, you can see the shadow of the devil. Hao Zai also brought you a lot of demonstrations of the devil’s characters. Demon kings with full-body magic violence equipment, demon kings with magic crit damage equipment, and even demon kings with a mix of magic violence and magic damage have all been shown to everyone. After the adjustment of the sect this month, the Demon King is expected to be strengthened again, and some people even commented that the throne of the first brother of the legal system may belong to it. I’ve seen a lot of level 175 demon kings, so let’s show you a level 109 demon king. There are multiple pieces of no-level equipment on the whole body, and 2000 spell damage with ten thousand blood, which sounds enviable. However, I feel that his mission equipment is the most eye-catching for players. After all, Fantasy Westward Journey is still dominated by mission players. What kind of devil is he? Let’s have a look!

Level 109 Demon King Ten Thousand Blood 2017 Magic Injury, what makes players most envious is his mission equipment?

The panel attributes of the 109-level Demon King after hitting the talisman, the qi and blood exceeds 10,000, and the magic damage is as high as 2017. If you see this attribute too much, it will be like that! After all, it is out of reach for ordinary players!

Level 130 Unranked Gourd Baby with male head, hit 15 Forged Moon Stones.

The 140-level non-level gourd treasure set necklace, after smelting, the first spirit is 215, and the 15 forging relics are used. This smelting is too extreme.

The 150-level non-level gourd baby set armor, there is no double plus, hit 15 forged relics.

The 100-level piano sound three-layer gourd baby set shoes, played 10 black gems, and had to give up the no-level for the stunt, after all, there are not many non-level piano-tone three-layer equipment in the full server.

Level 130 No-level Gourd Baby Set Belt, hit 15 Forged Light Stones.

Level 140 Unclassified God Blessed Weapon, 5 Min + 25 Body, 15 Forged Sun Stone, this weapon is not smelted?

The bottom row of the ring and earrings are both damage and violence, and the bottom row of accessories and bracelets are both defensive and one blood. The special effects are selected at level 7 163. With the special effects of gods on weapons, the chances of gods are very high. His PK equipment is really strong, but I think the following quest equipment is what civilian players want more.

A set of level 100 never-wearing gourd baby equipment, all with 10 forged gems, the attributes are also very good, bring this equipment to brush the task, never need to consider the durability problem, it is beautiful!

10 skills are resistant to attacking good and evil and drawing souls, the skills are very good, and the growth and qualifications are more perfect.

The 11 skill is resistant to attacking and splitting barriers. This kind of baby is still very practical at level 109, but the aptitude is a little lacking.

8 skills death method to prevent the purification of blood pet painting soul.

8 skills clean platform with speed blood pet painting soul, Gao Lian cooperates with Gao Fei, can break the protection very well!

The 10th skill, the anti-electric soul flashing and drawing soul, actually played high stealth, and the spell can only be used after the stealth is over.

12 skills are high, even attack resistance, painting soul, this one doesn’t have much bright spots, do you want to play a Cangluan rage attack?

10 Skills Will Enter the Soul of Violent Sumeru!

8 skills are high even spider spirit, the growth qualification is very good, and the shape is very individual.

The 6th skill is not returning, and the blood resistance is added, which has output and resistance.

6 skills high-speed point manpower to chop vampires.

Alright, this level 109 Demon King has been displayed. In addition to the super PK equipment, it also comes with 6 pieces of mission equipment that will never wear out. This is the only way to keep the mission PK correct. This player absolutely loves Fantasy Westward Journey!