Fantasy Westward Journey: 100 Billion Merchants’ Advancement Road, 4 Price Strategies for Selling Stalls!

If Fantasy Westward Journey players are divided into three groups, one of them must be businessmen. Merchants are also divided into categories, and they set up stalls to sell the same props. Why do some people laugh when they make money, while others cry when they lose money? Today, a businessman with hundreds of billions of dollars shared the price strategy of setting up a stall, let’s see what he said.

1. Premium type

When setting up a stall to sell goods, don’t blindly go crazy with your competitors, because some props can’t be made at a low price. Take Qingling Xianlu and Enchanted Orbs as an example. If the boss has not advanced 110 or achieved a satisfactory set effect, he will sweep up all the fairy dew or enchanted orbs on the booth. For the boss, time is more important than price.

This kind of “will not give up until the goal is achieved” props are all of the premium type, and everyone can sell them without lowering the price when setting up a stall. Of course, the premise is that the price must be reasonable. There are many premium type props, such as high beast tactics, enchanted orbs, and Qingling Xianlu.

2. Bidding type

If there are premium props, there will naturally be bidding props! For example, three medicines, cooking, furniture, ring decoration, etc. are all bidding props. When this kind of product is set up at a stall, the price is generally the lowest and the fastest to sell, and the high price is difficult to sell. And between the booths, there will be extremely introversion. If you sell 18888, I will change it to 18855 on the back foot. In order to get others involved, I would rather lose money than not hesitate.

For example, a 60-level ring outfit merchant receives 16W, but “Juan Wang” just sets up a stall to sell it for 16.5W. After setting up a stall and selling it for a day, it is better to sell it to the merchant after deducting the point card?

The main reason why there are bidding-type props is that the output is very large, so anyone can do this business, and the competition is naturally fierce. It is suggested that when setting up a stall to sell bidding props, you should carefully calculate the cost. It is not terrible to get involved with others, but you are afraid of losing your rationality.

3. Increased price/decreased price

In Fantasy Westward Journey, the price of certain props is not only affected by the demand of the market, but also related to time. The typical representatives are Zhenjing, Yuehualu, and Lantern Festival. Taking Yuehualu as an example, on the day of Wenyunmoxiang, the price of Yuehualu fell to the lowest level, and the merchants set up stalls at a low price. Go to sell, if you go to sell Yuehualu with only 24 hours of “life” left, the price will be far lower than the market price, and it is basically a free gift.

This kind of props that are affected by both the market and time is very risky. It is recommended that you stock up rationally and plan well! If you receive too much, you have to clear it even if you don’t make money. on the contrary. If you receive too little, you can set a high price regardless of whether you can sell it.

4. Pricing type

If there is any kind of businessman who makes a lot of money, it is definitely a businessman who sells priced items! I have the final say on the market price. Can this kind of monopoly market trading not make money? With the launch of the Pocket Edition of Fantasy, priced items basically disappeared in the eyes of players.

However, there is a special case, that is the new area, the first batch of holdings in the new area are fixed-price products, which can only be sold for a few thousand or even tens of thousands. Of course, as much profit as there is cost, the state-holding businessmen who venture into the new area have invested a lot in order to be able to rise to 175 in the first time.


Where there is a transaction, there is a price difference, and there is an opportunity to make money. If you are tired of the 50% swipe, you may wish to consider being a small businessman, avoiding risks, looking for price differences, and watching the game coins in the bank accumulating every day, this is also a good experience!