Fantasy linkage is coming? Players hope that “Defend Radish 4” will be linked to “Tomorrow’s Ark”

On October 19, the official website of “Defend Carrot 4” B station launched a poll for players in the Bilibili game area.

A total of 9 options were set up in this survey, of which “Tomorrow’s Ark” accounted for 67.14% of the votes, making it the product that players most hope to interact with.

“Tomorrow’s Ark” has always been dubbed “Defend Radish PLUS” and “Defend Radish PRO Edition” by players because of its tower defense gameplay. spread among player groups.

According to the feedback of players in this survey, most players are looking forward to a dream linkage between “Defend Carrot 4” and “Ark of Tomorrow”, which can be regarded as satisfying the desire of players on both sides to play. Although the investigation of “Defend Radish 4” is suspected of being an official meme, since the official has released such a signal, the follow-up of this incident is still worth looking forward to.