Fans are killing the official, the UFO table animation has not been launched yet, the Yuanshen players have already got the OP

Since Mihayou announced that “Yuanshen” will join forces with the UFO table to produce the original God animation, netizens have been looking forward to the launch of this animation. However, since there is only one official concept PV at present, the specific content has not been disclosed, so everyone can only wait with peace of mind. During the waiting period, the Genshin Impact II creators, adhering to the concept of making their own if they can’t wait, made the content related to Genshin Animation before it was launched.

For example, the UP master “-Lime Meng Bacillus-” combined with the short films of Yuanshen released by Mihayou in the past, and made a very beautiful animation OP of Yuanshen. From the perspective of the combination of picture and music, even if this second-generation video is really used as an animation OP, the problem is not particularly big. After watching this video, everyone ridiculed that this is the official rhythm of “killing” the fans.

In fact, this is indeed the case. Since Mihayou released the news of Yuanshen’s animation, the second-generation bigwigs have ended one after another. For example, the UP master “Momomo xq” restores the plot of Zhongli throwing a big rock gun into the water, making players feel why Zhongli is called the God of War in the setting.

However, just when everyone was watching Erchuang very happily, when someone discovered that the specially invited screenwriter chosen by the big brothers for Yuanshen Animation was called “Xu Yuanxuan”, many netizens had a sudden cardiac arrest. Those who are familiar with Xu Yuanxuan, a Japanese heavyweight screenwriter, know that he is nicknamed “The Warrior of Love”, and he has a famous saying that “it is a very bad thing to make children feel that the world is not dark.” Let such a big guy write the plot of Yuanshen animation, I don’t know how many knives to send.

You must know that the game plot of “Yuan Shen” is not only horizontal, but also has a lot of content that can’t be abused. In the Demon God War, the Dust King Demon God who built the kingdom of Liyue together with Zhong Li eventually died in Zhong Li’s arms. If this plot digs deeply, there should be a lot of knives. The Kanria War, in this war and its aftermath, Thor Shadow’s sister Zhen, friends Hu Zhaigong, Tiger Chiyo, and Datengu were all gone. After the war, Thor fell into “autism”. If this plot is done Into an animation, I believe many people will understand and love Thor better.

Although there are many excellent second-generation creators to take the lead, I believe that with the plot and character design of “Yuan Shen” as the foundation, coupled with the well-known super-high animation expressiveness of the UFO Club, the official animation will definitely bring you many surprises. So, if you were to choose the script, supervisor, and screenwriter of Genshin Impact Animation, who would you choose? You are welcome to leave your choice in the comments section.