Fan report: The officially recommended “new” team was introduced by Huaxi 4 months ago

“Game official” is synonymous with professionalism in the eyes of most players, and is generally more rigorous. What happens when the officials are not rigorous?

There was an “Oolong” incident: Huaxi reported the official account of the Three Kingdoms strategic version, which resulted in the official account being decomposed.

Since then, every time they publish an article, they remember to write the name of the original author.

The official published an article about Huaxi on a certain website, but the editor at the time did not sign it.

Huaxi added V certification after hundreds of fans, but the official did not add V , so Huaxi didn’t know it was official and thought it was plagiarism, so she clicked the report.


Fans discovered another thing, the “new” team officially introduced by the game was introduced by Huaxi 4 months ago, and the signature was not Huaxi.

So fans asked Huaxi, what’s going on?

1: The cause of the incident

Above: Fans found the official article copied on May 26

Below: The original text of the team released by Huaxi on February 15

Huaxi published an article,

▲ The link above is

The period when the article was published happened to be a strong period for Yuejin and Guan Yinping to open up wasteland , so this wasteland development team received a lot of attention after it was published.

Is this team new?

It was new 4 months ago, because no one used the team at that time.

But it’s not new after 4 months,

Because this team has a total of more than 700,000 views, many people have tried this team during this period, and this article on the official public account has less than 70,000 views.

2: The wasteland team with a total reading of more than 700,000

【Look at the picture above】

One of the platforms “Xuyin” has 170,000 views, and the other platform has more than 90,000 views. The two platforms combined have 260,000 views, and other platforms have almost 350,000 views.

have to be aware of is:

The second video of a certain tone, the video that has been read by 280,000 people, contains a recommendation table of 17 wasteland development teams, which also introduces this wasteland development team.

Teams from 4 months and 2 seasons ago,

Teams with a total reading volume of more than 700,000,

Focus: The same team

The official article has been read less than 70,000, and Huaxi’s article has been read 700,000.

The official said that this is a wasteland rookie, I don’t know, the official new, where is the new?

3: Officially recommended paid anchors

Officially recommended articles have a byline on them, but they are not a nest.

Huaxi searched for the author and found that he was a paid anchor.

The first article will only be published in April 2022. Several articles are about Yuan Shao and Xiahouyuan’s archers reclaiming wasteland, and there are no other works, which is funny.

The routine of the charging anchor:

First claim to be free live broadcast, touch other people everywhere, and start charging when fans reach a certain level.

Guess the next move:

Tell the fans that he has created a new team and obtained the official certification, so he is the original, and then fool the fans, and start charging for land reclamation and allocation of generals.

If the plot really develops like this, then the official = accomplice

Things “certain” paid streamers like:

While scolding Huaxi for her bad article, she secretly read what new team Huaxi wrote about.

While watching, while cursing.

The wasteland team that became popular two seasons ago is officially described as a “new team”, and such authors are also recommended. It can be said that the official is Jiang Lang’s talent.

Previous: The official reading is more than 80,000-100,000

Now: The official reading is 10,000-30,000

4: The creator of the team, I hope the official will give him the royalties

Huaxi was stunned when she saw the title of this article, and asked the contributor, “Cold a small nest”, is this contributor he or his ally, and is he the one who submitted the manuscript to the official website?

He said no, he didn’t know him at all

The official article did not even give him a signature. I am so disappointed. I hope the official will give him the manuscript fee . may not give,

Huaxi remembered an old incident. She once submitted a Taishi Ci team to the official, but the official did not pass it. A few months later, the official sent the exact same team and signed another person.

5: Plagiarism and Referrals

Fans often say that they have a new team to recommend to Huaxi, and Huaxi can basically know at a glance whether it is a new team or an old team, and whether anyone has played it before.

Huaxi has written many teams, Shenhuo Shield, Spitfire Shield, and Queen Shield. Some players found this team easy to use, so they submitted it to other authors, and other authors also introduced these teams based on their own understanding.

Other authors just recommend it, they do not claim to be their own originality.

The official thing is ridiculous.

Even if he is official, Huaxi thinks him as shameful, because Huaxi doesn’t know if there is any deal behind them.

Possibly the same idea?

There is this possibility, but it feels unlikely, because this article has 260,000 views on just two platforms, and the total number of readings exceeds 700,000.

Officials often peek at Huaxi’s articles, and every time they scolded the officials, they would react.

This wave of official operations reminded Huaxi of “Zhuge Village Man”, hehe.

The above is some nagging from Huaxi. Thank you for watching. Do you think this official behavior is funny?