Faker’s top four honor map, baby Xuxu supports Brother Li, LPL only JKL and Uzi are on the list

Hello everyone, the S12 season is almost over. I believe that most players have paid attention to the recent confrontation. Now there are only four teams left, namely the jd g team, the T1 team, the gen team and the drx team. During this time, everyone is still very concerned about the lpl division. The jdg team has become the last hope, and the faker has been complained by many players in the lpl division, but a set of data directly shut up all the black fans. The media counted the number of times that each player has reached the semi-finals of the world championship. In the Lpl division, only Ah Shui and uzi have won three times, while faker has won seven times directly, which means that the semi-finals of the world championship are only his worst results. Baby Xu also supported faker during the live broadcast.

Faker World Championship semi-final results are on fire

I believe that most players are familiar with faker. As a top player, he has a lot of wonderful operations on the world-class stage. In the past few years, the rapid development of the Lpl division has also allowed us to achieve very good results. The champion of the world championship three times in four years is indeed outstanding, but so far no domestic mid laner has won such an honor. In the past two days, there has been a lot of news about faker, and even domestic players have complained. The question of Mr. Faker Dafei is just a nickname. Why not let everyone call it? What a tough mouth, grades have dropped so much.

And baby Xuxu also talked about this issue publicly during the live broadcast. If he had the honor of faker, he would definitely be more stubborn than him. As soon as this sentence came out, it attracted a lot of heated discussions from League of Legends fans, and even many people refuted Xuxu Baobao’s point of view, believing that faker’s honor is a thing of the past. So bright, you should retire, there is no need to insist so. Is this really the case? Some players counted the results of previous professional players in the World Championship, and the number of times they entered the semi-finals prevailed. As a result, only two players in the lpl division made the list, while faker was far ahead, crushing all the players.

The first is the players who have been promoted to the semi-finals of the world championship three times. Among them, we have seen many familiar figures, caps, perkz, etc. have been promoted three times. At the same time, there are also two AD players in the lpl division, A Shui and uzi. To our surprise, uzi has only made it to the semifinals of the world championship three times in her career for so many years. You must know that in the S4 and S3 seasons, she won the runner-up of the world championship for two consecutive years, which means that , In the following years of competition, he only won the semi-finals in the S7 season, and the rest are outside the semi-finals.

The next is the top four with 4 times, there are three players, sOAZ, Chidi and Jankos, and finally there is the player who made the top four with seven times, only Faker is the only one. It may be said that he has been promoted to the semi-finals seven times. This point is not intuitive. In other words, the semi-finals are Faker’s worst performance in the world competition. That is to say, in every world competition, he is guaranteed to win the semi-finals ranking. Looking at it this way, faker’s honor is indeed very high, and there is only one professional player with such honor. In contrast, only two players in the lpl division have won three semi-finals, and there are no more than one faker in total. ,This shows what? The gap is still huge.

Gamer thinks

In the past two years, there have been more and more complaints about faker, thinking that he is too arrogant, but judging from the comparison of the top four honors this time, faker is really a cliff-like leader, leading alone. With the honor of the entire League of Legends, the worst result in the World Championship turned out to be the semi-finals. You must know how many players who participated in the World Championships have never even reached the semi-finals.

What do you guys think about this? Comments welcome.