“Faker’s sword points to 4 crowns, LPL ushered in the darkest moment”! UZI completely broke the defense, RNG was wronged

Foreword: On the morning of October 30th, the first semi-final of the League of Legends S12 World Championship came to an end. In the end, when JDG won 1 small round first, T1 was tragically finished to let 1 chase 3, especially the 4th round was directly beaten by T1. In the man-machine game, the laning phase was exploded, and the team battles were all sleepwalking. The players behind the team battle seemed to have “opened up” and played various 3-for-0 or even 4-for-0 operations. They lost a little embarrassed, and I can clearly feel it. There is still a gap in the hard power between the two sides. T1 has completed its evolution again. As the barrage said, JDG did not play any big moves of T1, but it played the “championship” of T1, and this victory is also for T1. Of great significance, that is, they made it to the S finals again after many years!

FAKER’s sword points to the 4 championships in the S game, but LPL ushered in the dark moment

Since the S8 World Championship, the teams in the LPL division have never missed the final stage of the S competition, and even completed the great feat of 3 championships in 4 years. However, in the S12 World Championship, the LPL division’s dream of winning the championship was shattered ahead of schedule, because all 4 teams have already won the championship. Out, TES fell to the group stage, RNG and EDG stopped in the quarter-finals, JDG failed to climb the mountain as the top seed, and the LCK division had already locked the S12 world championship in advance, especially FAKER pointed to his 4th S championship. At the same time, LPL ushered in a dark moment.

First of all, looking at this World Championship, there are obvious shortcomings in the tactical reserves and hero pool of the LPL team. For example, Xiaoxiao bluntly said that the teams in the LPL division do not seem to play policewomen. The policewomen default BAN, and the players are also in the bottom lane. There was no dominance. For example, in the match between JDG and T1, the bot lane was repeatedly suppressed. UZI on the commentary stage completely broke the defense, especially when the bot lane duo were taken away collectively in the fourth game, UZI directly Roaring out: Hope, don’t you hurry up and leave, what are you twisting here? The barrage is madly brushing UZI, and it is estimated that he wants to play the game. The ADC, which LPL has been proud of for a long time, is now so powerless in front of the LCK team, which makes people sigh that the LPL division has ushered in a darkest moment again.

T1 is really strong, RNG was really wronged before

Compared with JDG, this game of T1 is a lesson for the LPL audience. The players are not talking about their state, and they are playing very team. , There are always people who can stand up at critical moments, such as FAKER in the 2nd and 3rd games, and Keria in the 4th game. The overall strength of this team is too strong. Previously, RNG was ridiculed by the crowd after being zero sealed by T1. Now, RNG is also wronged. It is not that they did not perform well, but that the strength of this T1 team is too tough. It is worth noting that after JDG lost to T1, the players seemed to be relieved. It can be seen that the game was played to the end, which seemed to be a kind of torture for them.

personal analysis summary

Although the teams in the LPL division are collectively out, the current S game is not over yet, but for the LPL audience, the final result will make people feel a little uneasy. The gap between the LPL division and the LCK division has once again appeared, especially the LCK The team let everyone discover the power of “auxiliary cores”. Whether it is Beryl or Keria, they can expand the value of support to be greater than a C position, which is really subversive.

However, in terms of BP, the author believes that the gap between the two divisions is not too big. JDG has also come up with some good BPs. UZI and Liu Qingsong also thought that JDG’s bot lane selection is not a problem during the commentary. It is purely the players Not playing well. In addition, the current LCK has been allianceized to limit the outflow of powerful players. In the next few years, the LPL will enter the “anti-Korean mode” again, and the gap with the LCK division will appear again. So the last question comes, everyone thinks that the LPL division team will be out of the game ahead of schedule. What is the problem?