Faker dreams of returning to the top, although 369 is defeated, it is still glorious! JDG’s desperate counterattack failed, and the bottom lane was killed three times

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In the fourth game between JDG and T1, Homme chose to change directly and chose Jin Karma’s bot lane, but he had never played against the lane, and was killed three times. He got the head, but he couldn’t rewrite the situation. After the team battle of the two pioneers collapsed, the situation was directly one-sided.

In the end, T1 eliminated JDG with a total score of 3-1 and successfully advanced to the finals. Since then, the LPL has been wiped out. It is the first time in the past five years that it has not advanced to the finals.

JDG changed on the spot, and the bottom lane was killed by line

In the crucial fourth round BP, JDG chose BAN Rez Lucian and then went directly to the Ueno of the Queen of Pigs. The third-handed Karma swayed. In the second round, the function AD Jhin was selected, and the mid-laner Silas was selected. The T1 red team played Varus, then locked the middle field of Tsar Foyego, and played the auxiliary Renata and the top single barrel in the second round.

The lineup of JDG’s bot lane seems to be no problem, the key is to see a rhythm of the Ueno, and Yagao has a lot of room to play in the later stage. This lineup of the T1 red team is still the main pulling set, and the team fighting ability is also very strong.

In the opening stage, JDG’s bottom lane played a big advantage and played skills at the beginning, but Keria flashed Karma in Q, and instead cooperated with Varus to complete the line kill, and T1 reversed the laning disadvantage.

JDG’s top lane 369 has a certain laning advantage, and then he chose to force the bot lane first, Renata to complete the kill.

In the key vanguard team battle, the two sides have been pulling frantically. In the end, Varus took the lead with R flash. After the opening, Renata also flashed. T1 won the first time, JDG killed two people in the end game, and survived in the bottom road. Can harvest, and finally JDG won the pioneer, and then T1 played 2 for 3.

JDG Pioneer removed the first blood tower in the top lane, and the bottom lane T1 gave the pressure a little coating.

Mid-term collapse, Faker enters the market perfectly

In 13 minutes, the bottom lane of T1 started the crazy show operation again, and directly hit the first big move to kill Karma, and Jin was also killed.

Then JDG was a three-person move in the middle, killing the Tsar, but Faker launched a deadly big move before he died. After all T1 members arrived, they played 0 for 3. In the second vanguard team battle, JDG took the lead and won the vanguard, but was retained by Renata’s ultimate move, Sylas was killed, and the follow-up pursuit of Faker launched another big one, and finally played a wave of 0 for 4.

Under the huge disadvantage of JDG, the middle road chose to forcibly pick up the group, and was pushed several times by Faker’s big move, and the suspense of a wave of group elimination games has been lost.

After the revamp, JDG took the opportunity in the bottom road but failed and was killed by the opponent again. T1 successfully won the dragon.

The JDG team also knew that their game was over, and chose to speed up the game, but T1 did not choose to force a wave, and ended the game in the most stable way. Since then, all four LPL teams have been eliminated and failed to advance to the finals. In the past five years, LPL has missed the World Championship finals for the first time.

After the game, the expressions of 369 and JDG were also very lonely, and the journey of S12 came to an end.

Faker dreams of returning to the top, although 369 is defeated

I personally think that in this round of the game, JDG still can’t solve the disadvantage of the bottom lane. In the four games, the JDG team basically made a fuss about the upper and middle field, and 369’s performance in the matchup against Zeus is still OK. , also cooperated with Kanavi to play a lot of advantages, and also played three single kills in the third game, but still could not restore the disadvantage of the bottom lane.

JDG’s bot lane is either suppressed on the line, or killed by the line, or can be killed by the opponent’s jungler while being able to kill the opponent. In short, JDG’s bot lane is a breakthrough in every game.

Then there is a game in the middle and late stages. To be honest, in the current version, LPL is indeed operating and pulling this part, which is far inferior to the teams in the LCK division. As an audience, we can see that many LPL teams force their skills to kill the opponent. But I can’t kill the situation where I was pulled by the opposite side and caused a huge loss.

It can only be said that LPL is a pity this year. The bottom lane performance of the four major teams is not very good, and the version is indeed more suitable for this set of operations and pulling, and it can’t be beat at all.

The final conclusion is that Faker dreams of returning to the top. Although 369 is defeated, he still congratulates T1 for advancing to the final.