Facing the sneak attack and poaching of Taobao live broadcast, Douyin should be very bad, right?

By the way, this is not the beginning of Double 11 recently. In previous years, the eighth sister was still very excited. I felt that there was a lot of wool to smash. However, I recently looked at the stock prices of several e-commerce giants, and I felt sadness. , you fell so far that you don’t have any pants to wear, can you still let me shave wool?

However, it seems that several major e-commerce platforms still have ambitions, especially Ali. After all, this is an annual battle. If the performance is too poor, it will be difficult to save face; besides, raising so many people, At this time, Taobao’s children’s shoes will no longer show your ability. Isn’t this waiting to be fired? Anyway, the eighth sister heard that this year is estimated to be the most stressful year for children’s shoes in Ali and Taobao.

As a result, a big event happened. Not only did Li Jiaqi continue to live broadcast, but Taobao also dug up Yu Minhong, the top brand of Douyin live broadcast, “Oriental Selection”, and Luo Yonghao, the former leader of “Make Friends”, and recently because of his popularity. MCN “Looks Away”. This is simply a nest that has burned Douyin.

There are some children’s shoes to talk about, huh, should Douyin be in a hurry now? The eighth sister thinks that Douyin must be urgent, but no matter how bad it is, she has to say it hard, haha.

Okay, let’s talk about why Douyin is so bad. Although many people know that the focus of Douyin e-commerce this year is not live streaming, but shelf e-commerce, namely Douyin Mall. For example, recently, the biggest revision of Douyin is estimated to be adding the “mall” to the key position of the homepage, and this year’s Double 11, Douyin also announced that the mall will play independently and become the main position for the outbreak of the platform’s transaction volume. A two-way link between “looking for people” and “people looking for goods”.

Live streaming is not the focus of Douyin Double 11 this year, but this does not mean that live streaming is not important to Douyin. According to Bajie’s understanding, Douyin’s live streaming basically contributed more than 60% of Douyin’s e-commerce sales. It may be said that Taobao has dug Luo Yonghao, Yu Minhong, etc., and there are a lot of anchors and self-broadcasters on Douyin. The impact on Douyin is a drop in the bucket, but the market is so big, when these anchors are lost or more After the live broadcast on the platform, do you think it will have a great impact on Douyin e-commerce?

In an eventful time like now, this is obviously not what Douyin wants to see. After all, the entire ByteDance is mainly supported by Douyin, and its revenue growth rate is also slowing down. To further increase its income, and to reduce internal fat and thin, this is what Douyin, which cannot be listed in the near future, must do.

Therefore, in the face of Taobao’s sneak attack, Douyin is probably depressed, but it can’t complain. After all, in the “anti-monopoly” environment, you can’t stop the free flow of other anchors, and Douyin did not dig Taobao less before. The anchor. Besides, under the requirements of interconnection, Kuaishou has opened the Taobao external chain, which is not even more to put Douyin on the fire.

Well, the next thing to see is Douyin’s willingness to use more favorable conditions and efforts to win the hearts of the anchors.

Let’s talk about Ali again. It can only be said that Ali’s self-help is indeed not easy. In the past, there was Pinduoduo, which had a growth rate that far outpaced its own, and then there was Douyin Kuaishou’s live streaming of goods. It was a bit difficult for Ali to break the game.

From this perspective, the significance of “Double 11” is even more extraordinary – Ali needs to prove that he has the ability to break the game. However, this year’s Double 11 is a bit special. Affected by factors such as the epidemic, Ali has not held a Tmall Double 11 party so far. In terms of attracting attention, Taobao Live Streaming is the most eye-catching business. This year, Ali also lost a major anchor. Via. If I were Taobao, I would be in a hurry, and I would have to jump up and down to make up for the lost GMV, and stabilize the number one spot in live broadcast e-commerce.

Therefore, we can see that Ali has been supporting the medium and long-tail anchors recently, and this year, it has also made greater efforts to attract Internet celebrities and stars on Douyin and Xiaohongshu to improve its own live broadcast delivery. Ecology and keep GMV.

In terms of sales, Ali’s attraction to anchors is still huge. For example, taking Li Jiaqi as an example, last year’s Double 11 pre-sale sold more than 10 billion in 12 hours, while the sales of “Oriental Selection”, the top brand on Douyin recently, was only 2.2 billion in three months. In 2021, the top brand “Make Friends” GMV is only 5 billion, the gap is huge.

In short, it seems that Ali must dig anchors from Douyin. Whether in the past or in the future, the offensive and defensive battle between Douyin and Ali is inevitable or fierce.

I just don’t know, in such a severe economic and competitive environment, will Ali’s double 11 report card this year look good.