F35 fighter has produced 600, how to evaluate it now?

In general, the F35 is a fifth-generation stealth fighter with the lowest performance. This has something to do with the positioning of his cheap fifth-generation aircraft. Originally, the F35 was developed as a multi-functional fifth-generation aircraft to make up for the shortage of fifth-generation aircraft in the United States. The project code name is Joint Strike Fighter, or JSF, which represents Everything, it represents that the F35 has a strong strike capability and a weaker air combat performance.

At the same time, the F35 is a fighter that caters to the needs of many parties. With such a small body, it has to accommodate the needs of the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps, as well as the research and development of the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Israel. The participating countries’ requirements for fighter performance, that is to say, this small F35 was detained with countless performance indicators at that time, and there was a trade-off and concession between each other, so it became an all-rounder, but it was compared in all aspects. General fighter.

The F35 fighter has a relatively strong mounting capacity, but the capacity in the magazine is not enough, it can only accommodate two JDAM precision-guided bombs, while the Marine Corps-type vertical take-off and landing F35B fighter can not even accommodate JDAM in the magazine. Can accommodate AIM120 air-to-air missiles, that is to say, in addition to the Air Force’s F35A and the Navy’s F35C, the VTOL F35B is just a fake fifth-generation aircraft with weak strike capability and weak mount capability, so we don’t need to say those that carry How powerful is the light aircraft carrier of the vertical take-off and landing F35 fighter, they only carry a few attack aircraft, it is difficult to say whether they are invisible or not.

As for the air combat capability of the F35, because he needs to take care of the performance of the Navy and the Marine Corps for precision air strikes at medium and low altitudes, the air combat performance of the F35 at medium and high altitudes is very poor. First, the speed is slow and the climb rate is low. The two indicators of the disk and the instant disk are not as good as the typical fourth-generation fighter. Since there is no side magazine, the F35 can only open the abdominal magazine in the horizontal flight attitude and throw the medium-range air-to-air missile in free fall, so he does not have the fighting ability. Air combat capability belongs to the type of long-range missiles that fly back after throwing a wave of missiles, not an air-to-air fighter.

Therefore, the F35 is far inferior to the F22A and J-20 in air combat, which are two typical heavy-duty fifth-generation aircraft that have been in service and mainly focus on air combat. These two heavy-duty fifth-generation aircraft fly extremely fast, and the ability to use weapons and maneuverability are greatly improved. It is stronger than the F35, and even the stealth ability is stronger than the F35. Therefore, if it is compared with the fourth-generation machine, the F35 may be slightly stronger, but compared with the fifth-generation machine, the F35 is only the worst model at present.