F-16 is not a magic weapon. The top US general poured cold water on it and used data to remind the Ukrainian army to be self-aware

According to Ukraine, the weapon they lack most now is fighter jets, and NATO’s fourth-generation fighter jets will be the “magic weapon”-as long as the Ukrainian army gets enough fighter jets, it will be able to completely defeat the Russian army and win the final victory. However, the United States has poured cold water on Ukraine twice. Just like the top general of the United States, he announced the data of the Russian army and reminded Ukraine to be self-aware.


World Wide Web reported that the latest opinion of the top US general Milley has once again attracted the attention of the international media. Milley pointed out that it is the most sensible approach to provide a large number of integrated air defense systems, and the provision of fighter jets does not mean much to Ukraine, let alone “change the rules of the game” as Ukraine said. At the same time, Milley also announced the number of fourth-generation aircraft owned by the Russian army-over 1,000. Such statements and data imply that Ukraine has no self-knowledge.

In fact, Milley is not the only U.S. official who made such a statement, but also the Secretary of the U.S. Air Force. The official also pointed out that although the fighter planes have a certain role, they will not bring about earth-shaking changes in Ukraine, because these fighter planes are not as important as imagined, not as important as the ground air defense network provided by the United States, but Ukraine does not think so. Instead, thinking about confronting the Russian army head-on, this is obviously not the wisest approach, nor is it the safest approach.


It is undeniable that the role of fighter jets in modern warfare is still very important, especially for those countries that do not have their own advanced air forces. In fact, fighter planes have very high tactical and strategic value in air combat. The use of advanced fighters can allow Ukraine to gain air power again. However, the air power acquired by Ukraine is obviously unable to confront Russia.

In contrast, obtaining an integrated air defense system results in better defense and the ability to deal with air threats. Air defense systems can enhance air control through all aspects of the battlefield, including radar monitoring, command and control centers, aircraft, and more. Of course, an air defense system is not infallible, but it can provide air defense with a more comprehensive and flexible capability that can support many different types and sizes of attacks, which makes air defense systems indispensable in modern warfare.

F-16 fighter

Of course, providing a comprehensive air defense system requires higher costs and greater manpower support. For countries such as the United States, providing an integrated air defense system is part of air superiority. Although doing so would likely have a huge impact on the military budget, in the long run, providing an integrated air defense system would likely result in greater cost savings, avoid heavy losses and casualties in a war, and protect Ukraine’s airspace more effectively. Safety.

In modern warfare, air superiority has become the key to influencing the battle situation. Providing a single fighter can undoubtedly increase combat power, but a comprehensive air defense system can protect the country more comprehensively and flexibly. For a country like Ukraine, an integrated air defense system is more worthy of consideration.

The US is building an air defense system for Ukraine

Besides, even if NATO countries provide a large number of fighters, Ukraine does not have enough pilots to fly these fighters. As some NATO countries have said, the fourth-generation aircraft may be a burden to Ukraine, and the high maintenance costs may make Ukraine even more unbearable.

However, Ukraine now doesn’t care about this at all, and only cares about whether it has obtained a fourth-generation fighter. To be honest, when these fourth-generation fighters enter Ukraine, they will inevitably become a moving target for the Russian army. In the field of air power, Ukraine has no chance of overtaking in curves at all. This has nothing to do with how many fighters it has, but has a direct relationship with tactical updates and pilot quality.

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There is only one road ahead of Ukraine, and that is to negotiate with Russia and resolve the conflict in a peaceful and stable manner. Only in this way can Ukraine’s casualties be reduced rapidly. If it only confronts Russia by means of war, Ukraine will face even greater losses.