Experts suggest trading Adu or Irving to partner with James

  On October 28, Beijing time, the Lakers are still without a win, and the team must change. “Brother Thick Eyebrows” Davis appeared in the trade rumors. Some experts suggested that the Lakers and Nets trade can achieve a win-win effect.

  The Lakers started the new season 0-4, changing to a normal team, almost in a bad shape. But the Lakers don’t have next year’s draft picks, and it doesn’t make sense to put them down.

  They have to win and all they can do now is make a trade. In the case that Westbrook does not have much transaction value, Davis can only be used.

  The Nets also have a poor record, and if they trade with the Lakers, it may be a win-win situation. Experts believe that the Lakers can get Durant or Irving from the Nets, no matter which one, with James, the Lakers will come back to life.

  There is also a possibility that Davis will go to the Nets, partnering with Durant and Irving, but the Nets will have to send many other players.

  What exactly is the bargaining chip, the two sides can completely negotiate.

  The time has come for both teams to make changes, and such a trade isn’t out of the question. (Angkor)

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