Excellent offense and defense, leading Chelsea to qualify ahead of schedule, Jorginho won the official best of the match

  In the fifth round of the Champions League group stage, Chelsea defeated Red Bull Salzburg 2-1 away, Kovacic and Havertz scored goals, Chelsea qualified one round ahead of schedule after 3 consecutive victories. Although Jorginho did not score in this game, he won the official UEFA Man of the Match honor after the game.

  UEFA’s technical observation mission noted: “Jorginho is effective in playmaking and links well with the centre-backs. Reading the game well in defence, he can both dismantle the opponent’s threat and use his Passing the ball to start the offense, but also showing effective leadership and organizing the team.”

  In this game, Jorginho touched the ball 71 times, made 53 passes, and succeeded 51 times, with a passing accuracy rate of 96%.

  Jorginho made 2 long passes and 1 in place and 2 shots. Win 2 out of 3 ground fights. 2 fouls.

  Defensively, he had 3 clearances and 3 interceptions.