Evergreen for 8 generations in the 1940s, Camry became the highest-delivery model of GAC Toyota

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Camry, born in 1982, celebrates its 40th anniversary today. In the past 40 years, Camry has been evergreen for eight generations, winning the trust and love of over 23 million users worldwide and 2.6 million users in China. The important reason for the success of eight generations of Camry is that it has been injected with high QDR quality genes from the beginning of its birth, and has been awarded the titles of “Sedans with the Lowest Failure Rate” and “TOP10 Product Quality” from generation to generation.

Camry, born in 1982, ushered in the 40th anniversary of its listing

On the basis of continuous consolidation and improvement of quality, the eighth-generation Camry in 2017 was completely replaced by TNGA Toyota’s new global architecture, reactivated the new generation’s enthusiasm for family cars, and led the revival of mid-to-high-end cars.

In 1982, in the context of the oil crisis, the first-generation Camry was born in Japan

The data shows that since the launch of the eighth-generation Camry, there has been a “Camry phenomenon” of “increasing sales against the life cycle” and “the higher the distribution, the more sales”. 、The sales volume in 2020 is 185,000 units, and the sales volume in 2021 will exceed 216,000 units. It has won the sales champion of the mid- to high-end sedan market. Since 2022, the average monthly sales volume of the eighth-generation Camry has exceeded 22,000 units, and the sales of high-end models above 200,000 yuan accounted for the proportion of sales. About 45%, consolidating the status of value champion. At the same time, under the blessing of high quality and high value, the Camry’s value retention rate ranks among the best in the market segment. According to JDPower’s “2022 China Automobile Value Retention Rate Research Report”, the Camry’s 3-year vehicle age retention rate ranks first among models in its class.

In the 1990s, with the rapid economic growth of China’s coastal areas, CAMRY was introduced into China in the form of imports

At the same time, with the forward-looking insights of the times, Camry took the lead in developing the electrification market, bringing advanced, high-efficiency and full-cycle anxiety-free “electricity optimization”, and promoting the popularity of hybrid vehicles. It is understood that, as the first mass-sold hybrid sedan in China’s mid-to-high-end vehicle market, the sixth-generation Camry dual-engine hybrid has introduced the world’s most advanced Toyota hybrid technology into China, and continues to lead the domestic hybrid market. In the following 12 years, the Camry Dual-Engine Hybrid has provided Chinese environmental car users with a better solution for environmental protection in the electrified era with an efficient, advanced, full-cycle, zero-anxiety car experience, as well as an increasingly accessible price threshold. Up to now, the cumulative sales volume of Camry dual-engine hybrid has exceeded 170,000 units.

As the first product developed entirely based on the TNGA architecture, the eighth-generation Camry achieves unprecedented coolness, driving fun, safety and connectivity

It is worth mentioning that, as the model with the highest delivery volume of GAC Toyota, the Camry has driven the high-quality sales of all GAC Toyota models with its flagship effect. GAC Toyota has devoted its entire system to create the Camry brand, and Camry has also repaid GAC Toyota with its far-reaching brand influence and promoted brand upgrades. (For more news, please pay attention to Yangcheng Pie pai.ycwb.com)

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