Even TX is more conscience than it! The Korean version of the new Diablo game was sprayed by players: it is worse than the domestic mobile game!

Hello everyone, this is the Zhengjing game, I am the Zhengjing little brother who loves to eat melons.

In recent years, with the awakening of players’ group consciousness, in China, even if you essentially charge for breathing, it seldom appears during the novice tutorial, and you put the krypton gold option in front of the player’s straight ball operation. , more or less will use any card drawing system, UP pool, and character development to cover up the “game attribute modifier” that is too large to calculate.

Therefore, compared with domestic manufacturers, the krypton gold operation of some crooked nuts is too red, which will inevitably cause us both psychological and physical discomfort.

Recently, the Korean game “UNDECEMBER” (hereinafter referred to as “Evil Moon Thirteen”), which was sprayed out by domestic players with a Steam favorable rating of only 40%, is such a “simple” kryptonite bad game.

Judging from the appearance of the game alone, “Evil Moon Thirteen” is quite a playable existence, no matter from the epic world view setting or from the casual combination of thousands of BDs.

Let’s just put it this way, from the perspective of Diablo fans, you say that an art style is comparable to “Diablo 4”, and the level of narrative CG is comparable to Blizzard Animation DreamWorks;

The BOSS moves are full-screen bombing, and the scene modeling is realistic and realistic;

It also ignores occupational restrictions, allowing players to add points through basic attributes such as strength, agility, and intelligence;

With hundreds of skill runes, you have created thousands of BD genres of dark games. I ask you whether it is fragrant, right?

In addition, the most attractive point of “Evil Moon Thirteen” is that the game designers actively set up systems such as the auction house and guild social networking, which allow players to trade online and form teams to jointly raid boss-level dungeons.

That is to say, in the process of upgrading, even if you play a lot of rare items that are not suitable for your BD, you can also put on the auction house to exchange tokens, and then buy the required items through trading to quickly develop your character; even You can hug the thigh of the guild boss and lie down to pick up the equipment.

At first glance, does this “Evil Moon Thirteen” look like your dream game, is it a big production that Diablo fans always play once in a lifetime?

It’s just that no matter how good the picture performance is, no matter how creative the gameplay content is, in front of the unattainable threshold of krypton gold, it’s all in vain, not to mention the quality of the “Evil Moon Thirteen” game itself is a bit like the promotional CG ” It’s inevitable that people will give a five-star praise of “It’s obvious that you can grab it, but you have to make a game for the players”.

The most incomprehensible thing for my younger brother is that it’s already 2202. Why do game manufacturers still want to make money by selling backpack grids and warehouse caps?

To be honest, if you sell backpack grids, I will endure it, but why do you want to make a fuss about the storage space of items and card vaults, which are free and open in other games, and come up with a Pile up for krypton gold and krypton gold show operation? !

According to the statistics of enthusiastic players, just for the cost of opening the warehouse grid, “Evil Moon Thirteen” has come up with five categories, each of which is about 100 yuan. If you add the various extra items of opening the alchemy platform, the basic pass, the rune link package and the gold coin package, the total can reach as much as 1900 yuan, and you can buy 6 copies of “Diablo 2 Remake” “.

It is worth mentioning that the 1900 yuan ocean is only the basic cost for beginners to enter the pit. In the later stage of the game, there are still a lot of big pits waiting for you!

In “Evil Moon Thirteen”, in addition to the various effects of skill runes, the most important thing is that each rune will have link slots of different colors. There is a certain probability to add more slots to the best rune.

In layman’s terms, this is the same as when we wash equipment attributes in MMO online games. No matter how lucky you are, no matter how good the basic attributes of the equipment you play, you have to obediently use krypton gold to smash materials in order to create richer items. Attribute entry, hit a knife 999 damage.

Therefore, poor buddies like my younger brother are really not worthy of playing “Evil Moon Thirteen”.

By the way, parallel to the rune pit, there is also the equipment collection pit that Diablo games have always had, and if you want to open a dungeon with higher difficulty and higher drops, players have to invest a lot of time and money in improving the card level. position.

As for how to improve the rank of this card, it naturally returns to the “original intention” of Krypton Gold. It can be said to be a “creative” design with a series of links. It is no wonder that some people will praise the previous sentence from the bottom of their hearts. Even when the goose factory came, they had to be peeled off by “Evil Moon Thirteen” before they could leave.

Compared with these kryptonite projects that make people physically disgusted, “Evil Moon Thirteen” has a lack of sense of attack, repeated map modeling, and the gameplay content of “Legend” in terms of guild battle PVP seems to be only insignificant.

The younger brother has something to say: From the game development history of Line Games, the developer of “Evil Moon Thirteen”, this manufacturer does not have experience in developing large-scale online games. It relies entirely on TCG mobile games and card RPG mobile games. The Korean game market has a firm foothold, and this seems to explain why “Evil Moon Thirteen” has a sense of krypton gold from head to toe.

In this regard, the younger brother can only shout to this manufacturer in the air, the dark mobile game is very deep, don’t come to it if you don’t have real skills!

A positive question: which one do you think is more expensive than Immortal?