EU reaches legal agreement to ban the sale of new fuel vehicles from 2035

IT House October 28 news, according to Reuters, on October 27, local time, the European Union reached an agreement on a law to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars from 2035. The agreement aims to speed up the transition to electric vehicles , and combat climate change.

According to the report, EU countries, the European Parliament and the European Commission negotiators who drafted the new law agreed that automakers must achieve 100% cuts in carbon dioxide emissions by 2035, which means that from 2035, new gasoline vehicles will be Not available in EU 27 countries.

Jan Huitema, the European Parliament’s chief negotiator, said: “This agreement is good news for car drivers, as new zero-emission vehicles will become cheaper, making them more affordable and It’s more accessible to everyone.”

EU climate policy chief Timmermans said the agreement sent a strong signal to industry and consumers that “Europe is transitioning to zero-emission vehicles”.

IT House learned that the agreement also stipulates that the carbon dioxide emissions of new cars sold from 2030 will be reduced by 55% from 2021 levels, which is much higher than the previously stipulated target of a 37.5% reduction from 2030.

Many automakers have announced a shift to electrification as regulators ramp up pressure on automakers to curb their carbon footprints. Volkswagen boss Thomas Schaefer said this week that from 2033 the brand will only make electric cars in Europe.