EU official: EU has frozen 17 billion euros of Russian assets

According to a report by Lianhe Zaobao on October 29, EU Judiciary Commissioner Reyndes revealed that since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in February, the EU has frozen Russian assets worth about 17 billion euros.

“So far, the assets of 90 people have been frozen, with more than 17 billion euros in seven member states, including 2.2 billion euros in Germany,” Reyndes said in the interview.

He had announced in July that the European Union had frozen about 13.8 billion euros in assets of “oligarchs and other entities” from Russia, concentrated in five countries.

He also pointed out that the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia have frozen 300 billion euros of foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Central Bank around the world. “In my opinion, at least this 300 billion euros can be left as a guarantee until Russia volunteers to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine,” he said.