Eternal Calamity NBPL: The XCG status of the Easter Tournament is full, and Erlian Chicken locks the qualification in advance!

The second day of the NBPL S2 Easter Tournament of the Eternal Calamity Professional League has ended. Although the third row of the Easter Tournament has only been played for one day, the total points of this day have already announced that some teams have filed to lock the qualification for the finals. The three teams are EWG, XCG and AOW. These three teams currently rank in the top three in total points, leading the eighth place by more than 2 times the points, and their chances of promotion are basically stable.

As the Galaxy battleship of S1, the XCG team can be said to have attracted much attention. Although their state has fluctuated in the regular season, their strength has always been very good, but it is too much for the team’s state. In the crucial match of the resurrection match, the three of XCG finally dropped their burdens and played to the level that the team should have. On the first day of the third row of the resurrection match, they won the “two consecutive chickens” and two highest scores. What really deduces what is called “cruel”.

In the first game, XCG pulled out their favorite lineup of Shaman + Canaan + Takeda. This game Naiheqiao perfectly interprets what is called “Martial God”, from the beginning to the finals! The most annoying thing is that XCG has a total of 18 defeats, of which 11 were won by Naiheqiao Takeda. The host Chen Yu couldn’t help exaggerating when he saw data like Naiheqiao, and asked how Naiheqiao did it?

“Because I have teammates, Wan Bi Guangyou, and Nan brother has been helping me to dismantle, and finally Li Xinghen Canaan’s ultimate move to suck blood, so the blood demon flow Wutian, can not die!” Nai Heqiao is very modest He responded that he felt that such good statistics in this game were all due to his teammates. To be precise, the team played well. In the second game, XCG’s style of play appeared to be a lot calmer. It was used perfectly in the early and mid-term to the finals, and it was easy to get the natural selection by using the suppressing force of the double change.

Next is the fourth critical big game. XCG, with the advantage of Yao Hongchen’s lineup, kept fighting to win points. It’s a pity that in the finals, he was besieged by various teams and couldn’t make it to the last moment, but this 27 points also allowed XCG to successfully get 137.5 total points on the first day of the resurrection, and it was mentioned that they were locked in the finals. qualifications. Next, on the last day of the Easter Tournament, as long as XCG is steady, it is possible that they will be able to advance to the finals with the first total points of the Easter Tournament!

The reason why XCG performed so well in the resurrection match may be like what Naiheqiao said in the interview after the match: “There’s no pressure, you know, it’s already the resurrection match, then if you don’t fight, you won’t have a chance if you don’t play anything, so Just let go of the fight, and the more you feel, the better!” The second is the result of the XCG three’s own efforts, every time they lose a match, they will go through a round of devil training! I hope they will continue to be in good shape in the next game, come on!