Eternal Calamity NBPL: JTeam scores furiously, online interpretation of “offensive is the best defense”

Eternal Calamity NBPL 2nd regular season third biweekly DAY6 3rd row was successfully concluded on October 5th. The current top three teams in total points are GD, Alliance and JTeam. Among them, the JTeam team, as a rookie in the past two years, has also frequently surprised players with its performance on the field! In yesterday’s three-row match, JTeam once again won everyone’s praise for its sharp play!

In the first game, many teams are accustomed to using their best lineup to impress and maintain their form. Generally, players will also consider factors such as offense and defense, survival in the finals and other factors when choosing a lineup, but the JTeam team took a strong offensive lineup such as Takeda Nobuyoshi, Ning Hongye and Temur in the first game, aiming to fight crazy in the early and mid-term. Get points and take an unusual path.

At the beginning of the game, when the other teams chose to develop steadily, the JTeam team just fought and quickly scored 3 points. Then the JTeam team met the GG team with 3 players. In the 3v3 situation, the JTeam team’s lineup had an almost overwhelming advantage. With the influence of the sandstorm, JTeam quickly scored 6 points in less than five minutes.

In the finals stage, JTeam entered the circle with a full 11 points. There are many teams on the field, and the battle is fierce. The JTeam team has priority to seize an anti-slope that is easy to defend and difficult to attack. Players can hide under the slope to avoid damage and harass other players from a distance. With the advantage of the terrain, JTeam not only easily defeated the “position grabber”, but also won a few heads without being prepared, and the points continued to rise.

Of course, in the fierce confrontation, two members of the JTeam team accidentally lost the battle. At this time, only JTeam and ZK were left in the JTeam team. Under the siege of the XCG team, they finally lost. Although it didn’t make it to the end, JTeam’s performance in the early and mid-term was really dazzling, and it also successfully won the first place in a single game. It can be said that this result is completely worthy of their selection and judgment of the lineup before the start!

In the last two days of the National Day holiday, the weekly finals of the single row and the weekly finals of the three rows will also be played! Everyone remember to follow the major live broadcast platforms to watch the event at 17:00 in the afternoon. If you want to know the first-hand event information, you can also go to Weibo to search and follow the “Eternal Calamity Event Official”.

During the game, you can also participate in interactive activities on various platforms. Watching the game and moving your fingers will give you the opportunity to get league-limited props, league lucky draw exclusive gift packs, rare treasure boxes and other massive gifts! During the National Day, the “Official Eternal Calamity Tournament” will also give extra bonuses to the benefits. Players will participate in Weibo activities and have the opportunity to bring home the Jingdong card and the Glowing Furnace! Not enough vacation balance, but also save the wonderful until the last minute!