Eternal Calamity NBPL: I tried my best! Pandaren staged the soul of the sword, even if defeated!

The resurrection of the NBPL single-row match of the Eternal Calamity Professional League has ended. Xiaoxinshen, Passerby Wang, Monologue, Dongqing, Wang Liang, Ruixi, Xiaojin and Brother Dao successfully returned from the resurrection to the stage of the finals. I have to say that this resurrection match was really exciting. Here is a brief review for everyone.

Master Tianhai becomes a master of “rehabilitation”

After the single-row match in the resurrection match, Xiaoxinshen and Wang Liang were far ahead in total points, and they locked in the chance to advance with high points in advance. So on the last day of the single-row competition in the resurrection match, Wang Liang began to tidy up in the first game, took out Master Tianhai, and spent nearly 5 minutes in SOLO with the monologue in Tianren City, and the effect of the show was full. And when the points are stable, Xiaoxin Shen also learned to take out Master Tianhai like Wang Liang. This scene also made many players ridicule: Master Tianhai, the hero, is going to become a master of “rehabilitation”!

Eight o’clock knife

In the last day of the resurrection game, Brother Dao awakened his BUFF again at eight o’clock. Although this knife brother did not take the hero Huo Nan, but using Yin Ziping’s pulling ability, he won the double kill through persuasion when he landed. When YZG top tumor and 17 one hook game, Brother Dao threw sword energy in the back, when he saw the top tumor with residual blood, he immediately jumped A to grab the head, and then AC Zhen took a hook and successfully completed the double kill!

Soul of the Sword

The last game can be said to be KZ Pandaren’s personal performance show. In the critical game, he took out his best fire man and tachi. It’s just a pity that the difference in total points is a bit big. Although the last Pandaren successfully won the Heaven’s Choice, they failed to catch up points and stage a miracle. When I saw the pandaren cry in the interview after the game, many players were a little tearful and felt that it was a pity.

Perhaps as the pandaren said themselves: “I hope I can persevere.” And pandaren are like powerful warriors who need to go through a lot of battles. Interestingly, Xiaoxin Shen, who was interviewed in the English stream, said bluntly: “With the will of pandaman, I will defeat 50 people with the sword and stand at the peak of the final.” , to continue walking for him.”

The game is not over yet, I hope that in the next game, all the players can go all out, don’t let yourself leave any regrets, come on!