[Epidemic psychological adjustment] series of animations to help you dispel the “smog” in your heart

     We have been fighting against the epidemic for three years, and the public is gradually adapting to life under the anti-epidemic. However, recently, the situation of the new crown epidemic has fluctuated, and new cases have continuously appeared in many places. While the COVID-19 epidemic is threatening people’s health, it has also brought a series of psychological pressures to the public. Some friends have reactions such as anxiety, depression, panic, and insomnia.

      In the early stage of the epidemic in 2020, Peking University Sixth Hospital/National Mental Health Project Office produced and released 10 episodes of a series of animated short videos aimed at the psychological adjustment of different groups of people, which were widely acclaimed and published again, hoping to help everyone relieve psychological pressure and improve mental health. immunity.

psychological problem adjustment

Psychological adjustment of people in home isolation

Psychological adjustment of returning staff

Psychological adjustment of diagnosed and suspected patients

Psychological adjustment of front-line epidemic prevention personnel

Psychological adjustment of the elderly

Children’s psychological adjustment

Psychological adjustment of adolescents

Maternal Psychological Adjustment

Psychological adjustment of relatives of those who died due to the epidemic

Source of information: National Jingwei Project Office Editor: Wan Rui

Editor in charge: He Dongxu Reviewer: Li Yuzhi